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Design Solutions Webinar: Configure 3-Dimensional Plant Layouts

DriveWorks is the perfect tool to efficiently create different product configurations.

Whether you want variations of a watch strap or want to quickly assemble different layouts from an entire factory, it doesn’t matter! DriveWorks ensures that you design faster and with fewer errors so that you have time for innovation.

Plant layouts with Oliver Basma-Lord

In this webinar, Oliver from the DriveWorks team will show after a short general introduction how you can use DriveWorks as an accessible plant configuration tool. Based on customer specifications, you can assemble an entire production line that fits perfectly into the available space and connects to the available utilities.

Everything, of course, three-dimensional and perfectly integrated with SOLIDWORKS.

Do pipes or conveyor belts have to be longer or shorter? Then the corresponding 3D CAD models and even quotations are immediately adjusted. That makes a difference!

This webinar is especially important for sales, innovation, engineering and R&D managers/directors of companies that supply large industrial installations.

This webinar will be presented in English. With being questions translated.

The presentation takes 30 to 45 minutes.

If there are many questions, it can still end. Do you have to go to an appointment? You will receive the recording afterwards. Participation is free and without any obligation as always.

Register to join Design Solutions on Thursday 23rd July at 1pm BST.


Oliver Basma-Lord

Technical Specialist DriveWorks