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Deep Dive: Setting Up DriveWorks Integration – Database Connections

Tech Team Thursday

Deep Dive: Setting Up DriveWorks Integration – Database Connections

Every Thursday the DriveWorks Tech Team share their knowledge and expertise in these 30 minute value added webinars exclusively for DriveWorks Reseller AEs and DriveWorks Pro customers on subscription support.

On Thursday, September 17th, DriveWorks Technical Applications Specialist, Matt will be sharing his knowledge with a deep dive look at setting up DriveWorks Integration, specifically Database Connections.

Deep Dive: Setting Up DriveWorks Integration – Database Connections

DriveWorks Autopilot can do a lot more than just generate models, specifications and documents. It can link many different types of company systems into DriveWorks. It allows you to create specifications, models, drawings, emails and documents from external company systems by passing information to DriveWorks.

Database Connectors can help you to do this and take DriveWorks to the next level within your company.

A Database Connector continuously observes a table in a database and creates specifications from the rows of data.
To explain how to set up these connectors and integrate with external company systems, Matt will cover:
SQL and ODBC availability in database connectors
Setting up of an SQL table for use in DriveWorks.
Setting up a SQL Connector to receive data inputs.
How to use this to connect to external 3rd party systems.
How to use the connector to mass generate models.
Using a database connector for offline users.

Matt will also be explaining what database format is required and how to configure DriveWorks to read data from an SQL table.

Do you have offline DriveWorks users? Database connectors can be used for offline users when they return to the office.

Do you need to mass generate models? Database connectors can be used to mass generate SOLIDWORKS and DriveWorks data.

Do you need to link your DriveWorks project to another company system? Database connectors can help you.

We welcome questions throughout and after the webinar.

The webinar will take place at 4pm BST on Thursday, September 17th.

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4pm BST

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