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Cad2M DriveWorks Webinar

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On Friday 17th June DriveWorks Reseller, Cad2M are hosting a webinar in Dutch that demonstrates the many uses of DriveWorks software.

“More and more companies are offering customized services to their customers, each product is designed to meet customer specific requirements (ETO). This way of working is associated with high costs and a longer delivery time. By switching from Engineer-To-Order to Configure-To-Order (CTO), you can respond in a shorter time and at a significantly lower cost to the customer’s specific needs. Configure-To-Order is also called “smart customization”. You work with standardized building blocks and attributes, which can create diverse versions of your product.”

“You can quickly design and configure new product variations with DriveWorks. You can combine different components and configure them, for example, you can change the size or material type.

Working with CTO helps reduce engineering time, but also improves your reaction time and accuracy. You can send your customers an itemized price quote within minutes, or show a graphical representation of the product.

There are three DriveWorks packages available, ranging in functionality: DriveWorksXpress (integrated in SOLIDWORKS) DriveWorks Solo and DriveWorks Pro.

On you can see several examples and try it for yourself.