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An Introduction to the DriveWorks CPQ Template

Tech Team Thursday

An Introduction to the DriveWorks CPQ Template

In this webinar, our Product Manager, Matt, will introduce you to the DriveWorks CPQ Template.

The ability to configure, price and quote easily has become essential for manufacturing companies of all sizes, in all industries. With the DriveWorks CPQ Template, configure products using your existing DriveWorks configurators, apply real-time pricing and create detailed quotes for your customers.

The DriveWorks CPQ template is also fully customizable, tweak it to suit your company’s needs and to reflect your corporate branding.

To show you how to use the DriveWorks CPQ Template, Matt will cover:

  • The DriveWorks CPQ Template Installer
  • Group Template and the Specification Power Pack
  • Setting up the DriveWorks CPQ Template
  • Using DriveWorks CPQ
  • Creating new quotes
  • Using the product catalogue
  • Adding standard catalogue products
  • Adding custom catalogue products
  • Submitting your quote
  • The Workflow
  • Different user logins and permissions
  • Integrating with 3rd party systems

No matter which stage you’re at with your DriveWorks configurator projects, this webinar is a must watch!

Implementing the DriveWorks CPQ template will save you time and provide you with extra functionality that you would otherwise have had to create yourself.

If you’re a new DriveWorks customer, the DriveWorks CPQ template will allow you to get started with DriveWorks quickly. Within 30 minutes you could have a useable CPQ solution to configure quotes for your standard products, whilst you focus on your custom configurators. When your custom configurators are ready, they can be added to the CPQ solution.

If you’re an existing DriveWorks customer who is looking for a way to tie your configurators together, the DriveWorks CPQ template is the solution. It allows you to easily deploy your configurators to your sales team. Alternatively, you can pull it apart and use only the features that will benefit you, such as Group Security.

Join Matt to learn more!

We welcome questions throughout and after the webinar.

This webinar takes place at 4pm GMT on Thursday, January 24th.

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January 24th

4pm GMT

Join Us!