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The Right to Repair – DriveWorks Glen Smith in DEVELOP3D Magazine

Read Glen’s Right to Repair Feature in September’s DEVELOP3D Magazine

In this month’s DEVELOP 3D magazine, DriveWorks CEO Glen Smith, talks about the importance of having the right to repair, repurpose and recycle.

This is part of a series of articles by Glen that is featured every month in the DEVELOP3D magazine.

In the September edition of DEVELOP3D, Glen talks about the importance of technology advancing and the fact that ‘new’ doesn’t always mean better.

Glen shares his love of repairing and restoring by telling stories of his first-ever Jaguar that was purchased with his student loan. Also sharing the story of working on the seventeenth-century water-driven iron forge, in Sheffield with his dad.

“…history shows that when we face adversity, we do tend to innovate and make significant progress.”

“Right now, we’re already seeing rapid advances in virology, materials science, testing, analytics and remote communications as we wage our current war against the Coronavirus.”

“What we need to do is to innovate on new technology, while still building in an ability to repair, repurpose and recycle.”

DEVELOP3D Magazine is free to read online, read the full article on page 14.