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DriveWorks Feature on InPOD Podcast by InFlow

In this week’s InPod by InFlow Podcast, host Nick Sweeney from InFlow Technology is joined by DriveWorks Senior Technical Specialist, Tom Wormald to talk all things DriveWorks!

InPOD by InFLow

Every Wednesday, Nick Sweeney, Pre Sales, Application Engineer at InFlow-Technology releases a new InPOD by InFlow podcast.

Each podcast Nick is joined by special guests to discuss all the different products that InFlow offers and supports.

Starting with some conversations about SOLIDWORKS, Nick covers all sorts of topics.

Each week Nick is joined by professionals from around the company and around the Dassault channel community.

InPod Features DriveWorks Senior Technical Specialist, Tom Wormald

During Nicks internship at Driveworks, he worked alongside many members of the DriveWorks team including DriveWorks Senior Technical Specialist, Tom Wormald.

In the podcast, Nick and Tom have a look back at how they both began with DriveWorks, sharing some of their memories of Nick’s time in the UK working at DriveWorks HQ.

Looking at the customer journey from start to finish, together they talk about how that can look for someone investigating DriveWorks all the way through to successfully implementing DriveWorks.

DriveWorks is all about starting small and learning.

In the podcast, Nick and Tom discuss starting out with ourfree entry-level product, DriveWorksXpress right through to DriveWorks Solo and DriveWorks Pro.

Touching on our range of resources, Nick and Tom look at how a user can build on what they learn in DriveWorksXpress and DriveWorks Solo to make the most of DriveWorks Pro.

During the podcast, Nick and Tom talk about all things DriveWorks from training and certifications, the flexibility of the tool, and even sharing some fun things they’ve seen be achieved with DriveWorks, including an automated poker game and ordering fish and chips for the DriveWorks team!

Each week Nick tweets the latest episode of InPod by InFlow and a teaser for it on his InFlow Twitter Account (@NSweeney_InFlow).

Listen to the full podcast here and find more great podcasts from Nick Sweeney: InPOD by InFlow.