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Why DriveWorks

We’d like to find out how you’ve got on with DriveWorksXpress.

Please send us an email with the answers to the questions below .

As a small Thank You, we’ll send you a FREE copy of the Little Book of Rules.

  1. What product/component have you put into DriveWorksXpress?
  2. Send us a screen capture of the product you have automated as a .gif or .jpg
  3. How many rules are there in your project. Look in your Rules Summary.
  4. Send us a screen capture of your DriveWorksXpress form .gif or .jpg
  5. How many inputs are on your form?
  6. Before – How long did it take you to design one of these products BEFORE you used DriveWorksXpress?
  7. Now – How long does it take you to create a new variation of this product using DriveWorksXpress?
  8. Please describe the benefits to you of using DriveWorksXpress.
  9. Are you aware of DriveWorks Solo? Yes/No?

Don’t forget to include your Name, Email address. Company Name, Address and Telephone Number so we can send you your book.

Little Book of Rules
Little Book of Rules
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