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The next topic in the DriveWorks Webinar Marathon isChild Project Specification Flowand will take place on Thursday13thJuneat 4pm (BST).

This webinar coversChild Project Specification Flowfunctionality and gives example of when and how it can be used. It also
Child specexplains how to use it including information about: states, transitions, operations and specification tasks.

To sign up for this webinar go to:

The DriveWorks User Community – for all DriveWorks customers with a valid
subscription support contract.

The DriveWorks Reseller Community – for all DriveWorks VARs.

Specification flow is apowerful feature in DriveWorksthat givesthe DriveWorks Administrator the ability to customize the DriveWorks specification process. (ie rules for what happens and when it happens).

When aproject is first set up in DriveWorks it is created with a default specification flow which guides a specification through four basic states – Running (i.e. filling out forms in the specification), Saved, Pending, and Completed.

Each one of these states has links toother states to move from one state to another. For example, a specification in the Saved state can be moved into the Running state, and a specification in the Running state can be moved into the Pending state (by clicking Finish), or the Completed state (by clicking Release). These links between states are called transitions.

Each state also has certain operations that can be performed on it, but which do not move to another state, for example, a specification can be deleted, or copied.

The Specification Flow can be customized in DriveWorks Administrator to meet your own specification and Work flow needs.

Example Uses
There are lots of reasons why you may want to look at customizing your specification flow, here are a few examples.

You can read more about Specification Flow in the ONLINEdocumentation file




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