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There’s just over a week until the CADDedge Concept2Design SolidWorks training event at Foxwoods, Connecticut.

Chris and Gemma from the DriveWorks Sales and Marketing team will be there for both days of the event.

Pop over to the DriveWorks booth and say hello!

If you haven’t registered yet, there’s still time. CADDEdge have provided a handy justification to help you convince your boss!

Develop 3D live

DriveWorks is proud to announce that we will once again be Silver Partners at this years Develop3d Live. DriveWorks will be at the event at Stand 34 showing off the very latest version of our ‘Configure & Automate’ Software, DriveWorks 11.

Delevlop3D is the leading magazine for the 3D industry, tracking the development of essential technologies from product development through to fabrication.

Introducedin 2012, Develop3D Live hosted at Warwick University, in the UK has been an outstanding success with industry experts from around the world sharing their experience along with the fantastic Develop3D editorial staff.

Ifyou couldnt make it to last year’s event why not come along this year.

Check out Glen Smith DriveWorks CEO’s talk from last years

I am sure that this year will be even better, featuring some great keynotes and as ever some fantastic workshops. So book your tickets now to avoid disappointment!

To learn more and register for Develop3d Live visit


DriveWorks Solo is a powerful Design Automation Add In for engineers using SolidWorks. It is used by design engineers across many industries to reduce repetitive design tasks and automate the generation of new models in SolidWorks. DriveWorks can also help companies respond quickly to sales enquiries.

DriveWorks Solo can be downloaded and used for 30 daysto automate a SolidWorks Model or even just part of your SolidWorks Project. If you are new to DriveWorks then you might be wondering, how do I use DriveWorks Solo? And importantly, just what should I do with my 30 days?

Follow the DriveWorks Training Tutorial

The first thing that you will want to grab along with your Trial copy of DriveWorks Solo is the DriveWorks Solo Training Guide. In this guide you will be given all the instructions you need to create a new project, in this case a wooden door!

With your DriveWorks Training Guide at your side and your copy of SolidWorks and DriveWorks Solo installed you can begin.

Start by creating a new project. This is a simple process that is fully explained in the Training Guide (page 12), but if you would like a more visual guide to creating new DriveWorks Solo Projects then check outthe YouTube Channel.

Check out our YouTube Channel

Our How To Video Clips are really useful for any SolidWorks Engineer that wants to see whats involved in Design Automation. We have several playlists guiding you through how to set up a new DriveWorks project and provide a great reference point for your first 30 days.

Click the photo below to access the DriveWorks YouTube Channel

DriveWorks YouTube

Attend a Getting Started Webinar

Our Webinars provide a valuable overview of whats involved with automating the generation of new designs using DriveWorks Solo.

For the beginners, there is the DriveWorks Solo Head Start Webinar which covers:

How to capture the parameters in your design that you want to control

How to create a good looking and intelligent user interface to specify your products

How to build rules that link the form inputs to the captured parameters that control your designs

Click the title above to register for a Getting Started Webinar.

DriveWorks Solo Training Sessions

If you are looking for some more in-depth training then each month we also run, a DriveWorks Solo Online Training session which runs for 1 hour on 3 consecutive days.

These Webinars will take you through, in detail, the DriveWorks Training Tutorial

The Training covers these areas:

Session 1: Model Capture, Creating Forms, Building Rules, Running your Project, New File Names and Locations

Session 2: Replacing Files, Tables, Form Navigation, Improving Your Forms, Driving Replacement Files and Controlling Custom Properties

Session 3: Documents, Controlling Drawings

These sessions take place at the end of every month so visit the DriveWorks events page to register for the next sessions.

Download a Sample Project

Once you have been through the tutorial maybe its time to take a look at the DriveWorks Solo Sample Projects. These template Projects are great for practise and getting a head start on your next DriveWorks job but importantly they also give you the opportunity to dissect a completed project.

This means you can see examples of how rules have been used, review rules syntax, see how forms have been laid out to display different results and examples of how information is presented on a quote document.

Each of these Sample Projects comes with a useful walkthrough video running you through the basics of using the project.


Look at the online Help File

Like the name suggests our Help File is indeed very helpful. Packed with lots of great information that you can use to help you get set up. The Help File even has a search function to help you find what you need.

If you run in to any problems with your DriveWorks Solo project, this should be your first port of call.

DriveWorks Solo help file screen

Follow us on Social Media and visit the Blog

Keep up with all the latest news on DriveWorks, SolidWorks, engineering, 3D printing and CAD modelling on ourTwitterandFacebookfeeds or follow us onLinkedinandGoogle+.

We also have this blog with DriveWorks news, tips and events as well as some interesting analysis on some of the industries that use our software.

Remember of you want to be on the cutting edge of DriveWorks and SolidWorks news, as well as getting news on our latest FREE training webinars then just follow us using the links above.

Get a copy of the Little Book of Rules

To help you learn examples of the rules that you will need to automate your designs with DriveWorks Solo we have created a great Little Book of Rules. The Little book of rules contains a guide to some of the syntax you can use in DriveWorks Solo. To purchase the Little Book of Rules simply visit the Lulu site. Alternatively, tell us what you have achieved with DriveWorks and we might even send you one!

Use the ROI Tool

If you are looking to purchase DriveWorks Solo or you want to convince a decision maker that the purchase is worthwhile, why not take a look at our Return on Investment Tool.

The Return on Investment Tool will run through the costs and associated savings that can be made through using DriveWorks. This not only takes in to account the cost of purchasing the software but also the time take to implement the software and, of course, the time savings from automating the generation of new designs.

To visit the Return on Investment Tool please visit here.

DriveWOrks Solo ROi

Xp Sinking

When Windows XP first launched in 2001, 12 years ago, the DriveWorks journey was just beginning. Since then DriveWorks, and the world of computing, has come a long way.

In 2001, the recommended requirements for running Windows XP were a measly 300 MHz processor and 128mb of ram. Today, mostphoneshave specifications that can easily outpace these specifications. DriveWorks is now on version 10, having added 3D previews, custom form designer and online integration along the way.Despite the release of 5 versions of Windows since 2001, Windows XP still remains the second most used operating system globally.

In April this year, Windows will officially stop supporting the Windows XP platform, even for critical security issues.

For anyone still running Windows XP, here are a few reasons why it really is nowtime to upgrade.


As mentioned above, support for XP will end in April. This should be particularly worrying given that in December 2013 alone, three “critical” security flaws, which allowed attackers to remotely run malicious software on the machines,were patched in XP. From April Microsoft will no longer do this.

Some companies will no doubt attempt to paper over the cracks by disconnecting those machines that are running XP from the external network, this still however leaves these machines vulnerable to viruses that are found in the company intranet or even on a USB Stick.

What this all means, is that after April, any web connected Windows XP machine is like an open door, ready to warmly welcome any malicious code.

Data Protection

Related to the first point, decreased security makes data increasingly vulnerable. This poses a problem for businesses financially (as important customer data can be stolen) and also legally, as sensitive data must be protected by law. Simply put, any data that is stolen from your network comes under your legal jurisdiction and must be protected as such.

Latest Technology

Perhaps the most important reason for any business to upgrade their machines besides security, are the latest features that are found on newer versions of Windows and other programs too such as SolidWorks and DriveWorks. These new versions not only run at higher speeds, they also offer more functionalityand improvedusability.

For example the inbuilt support for 3D printing found in Windows 8.1 might be attractive to some companies and its worth noting that only Windows 7 and above can run the latest versions of SolidWorks and DriveWorks.

Speed and Reliability

Windows 8, Microsofts latest offering, not only offers a graphical overhaul, but also gives users a faster smoother and more reliable operating system. While it might seem that a smooth operating system is not a necessity, the improved productivity afforded by a fully functional operating system is surely worth the investment.

Conclusion: Increase Productivity and Stay Safe

Installing a new version of Windows across your business might seem like a daunting and costly task, but the time lost in the installation process will be made back ten times over with the security, usability and speed increases afforded to you by new versions of Windows, SolidWorks and DriveWorks.

So dont hold back, take the plunge.

You wont regret it.

DriveWorks is pleased to announce that Beaconour value added reseller in India, will be hosting a Webinar as a part of a series of Webinars designed to help you make the most out of the tools you have in SolidWorks.

If you:

Then this DriveWorksXpress webinar might help you to drastically improve your productivity through design automation.

If you have SolidWorks then you already have DriveWorksXpress and this Webinar takes you through some of the steps involved in automating your design process with DriveWorksXpress.


In the Webinar you will learn…

You will see how you can start automating YOUR designs straight away.

In the mean time you can take a look at our DriveWorksXpress YouTube channel or visit our website.

Here at DriveWorks we cant get enough of 3D printing.

Anything that can turn your meticulously made models in to a real 3D product without great big machines is certainly cool in our book. We love the idea that it is possible to use DriveWorks to automate the design of new parts printed by a 3D printer.

It seems though, that 3D printing may not be just for prototypes.

A Wohler Associates Report has recently shown that 28.3% of all printed 3D parts are made for producing final products not for prototyping. This signals a growth of almost 25% in only 10 years. Although often known as rapid prototyping, the market seems to be expanding for 3D printing as a manufacturing tool.

Wohlers Report Final Part Growth

As with any piece of new technology, the wider the spread of the technology the cheaper its price will be. Which is perhaps why, as well as a growth in commercial production of 3D printed parts, there is also a move towards cheaper home printing.

Gartner are predicting that by 2016 we will see Enterprise-Class 3D printers available for under $2000 (贈1300). This price brings 3D printing in to an affordable price range.

Most excitingly, the lowered price will see a greater adoption rate by the general public, hopefully further expanding the uses that we might see.

Have you seen any great 3D printed designs? If so dont be afraid to leave your comments below.

DriveWorksXpressis thefree Design Automation tool included with every seat of SOLIDWORKSandis a great way tosave a littletime every day.

  • Automate repetitive design tasks.
  • Re-use existing designs.
  • Generate new SOLIDWORKS parts and assemblies quickly and easily.

You might be thinking that while this all sounds great, you have been using design tables in SOLIDWORKS to save some time already.

Well, here are 5 reasons for choosing DriveWorksXpress over design tables:

  1. File Size – DriveWorksXpress creates new files, which keeps file size to a minimum.
  2. Ease of Use – Control Assemblies, sub assemblies and parts from one user interface without the need to open up each one to update its design table.
  3. Scalability & Share with Others – DriveWorksXpress allow colleagues with SOLIDWORKS to create Parts, Assemblies and Drawings too by filling out a simple form. Others do not need to know how you set it up, or which Assemblies and/or parts to open up and modify to get the desired results
  4. Automated Drawings – Update drawings for parts and assemblies quickly and easily.
  5. Rules Driven –Use Rules to determine which calculation or value is required to drive a given parameter. Rules and calculations that affect multiple parts and assemblies are easily linked in the DriveWorksXpress rule editor

The best part is that if you already have SOLIDWORKS, then you already have DriveWorksXpress!

You can find DriveWorksXpress inside SOLIDWORKS here:

Check out the DriveWorksXpress YouTube channel for How to Video Clips and you’ll soon be saving time!

For more information or contact your local SOLIDWORKS Reseller.

With SolidWorks 2014 being released imminently, many of our Resellers
have opened their doors for you to come and see the new features in SolidWorks
2014. Solid Solutions is once again holding a spectacular event.

Building on Sir Ranulph Fiennes inspirational presentation
in 2013, this year, Olympic Gold Medal winner, Chris the Professor Boardman,
MBE, will be presenting at the event and sharing stories about his experiences
as a cyclist at the cutting edge of technology.

Chris will forever be
remembered for his stunning performances in the 1992 Summer Olympics where he
famously rode the iconic British made Lotus 108 to victory. His focus on
detailed preparation and innovation also informed his time as the leader of the
British Olympic R&D team in Beijing. This team, along with Chriss help, would became
the most prolific British Cycling team of all time.

Attendees will also have the chance to hear from SolidWorks
CEO, Bertrand Sicot
who will no doubt be a key player in what is a truly
impressive line-up for the event.

Of course along with the guest speakers there will be time
for you to explore whats new in SolidWorks 2014. DriveWorks will exhibiting at
the event so visit our booth and try out our Design Automation and Sales
Configurator software. Its also a perfect opportunity to get some advice from
one of Solid Solutions DriveWorks experts.

The event will be held at Heritage Motor Centre in Gaydon,
Warwickshire, which means that during the break from all the SolidWorks and
DriveWorks action you can peruse some of their 300 strong car collection,
including the Aston Martin DB5 which appeared in James Bonds SKYFALL.The
model on display was the actual car that was used for many of the driving
sequences in the film which stars Daniel Craig as 007.

If you can’t make the event in Warwickshire Solid Solutions are also holding launch events in Yeovilton, Southampton, London, Durham , Cambirdge and York.

For more details on how to register for the event or any of the other events, please visit:

DriveWorks can be used as a Configurator by anyone! WithDriveWorksPro your company can run projects like those featured


This week we will be looking at the DriveWorks Live Rack Configurator example. This example yet again shows off some interesting ways of using DriveWorks Live including the ability to easily add new products, the flexibility of DriveWorks visualisation and the ability to up-sell on configurable items.

Feature 1 – Data Driven Configurable Products

Item Selection

DriveWorks makes it easy for your company to maintain its catalogue of products on-line without the need for constantly re-designing your website. As DriveWorks can import your product information from an easy-to-update table, your products are always up-to-date! With the correct information anyone from your company will be able to update your products.

Feature Number 2 – Intuitive Up-Selling

Product ChoiceWith DriveWorks, you can create an intuitive user interface where the user is led through the sales process. First they choose their products and then select any add-ons that they wish to purchase; as shown above.

This enables your company to easily up-sell and add value to your customers requests.





Feature 3 – Flexible Visualisation

3d OR 2D
With DriveWorks you can not only see your configured item in both 2D and 3D but you also have the option to move these server racks in to different positions. Allowing you to see how it would look in each configuration.

Rather than a simple, static picture this feature allows your customer to not only configure their product specifications, but also the design.

All of this was created in our form editor and can be easily edited to update the pictures involved.



If you would like to know more about how DriveWorks can help your company please visit our site:

The next topic in theDriveWorksWebinar Marathon is Introdcution to DriveWorks EPDM intergrationand will take place onThursday 17th October at 4pm (BST).

An introduction to using EPDM with DriveWorks. This webinar looks at the settings required to use the EPDM integration as well as tips and tricks to make sure all your files are correctly checked in and checked out when required.

For more information on EPDM integration take a look at our great blog post detailing the basics of EPDM integration:

To sign up for this webinar go to:

The DriveWorks User Community– for all DriveWorks customers with a valid
subscription support contract.

The DriveWorks Reseller Community– for all DriveWorks VARs.

CAD2M Poster

will once again be in attendance at the CAD2M Customer event and SolidWorks
2014 Launch.

This years eventtheme is one which really chimes with us here at DriveWorks,
“Successful innovation is done with a team”. TeamWork is integral to company ethos. We are delighted to partner with CAD2M at this event and to show how DriveWorks software can be fully integrated with SolidWorks, EPDM and other company systems.

Event attendees will be able to see a demonstration of the newSolidWorks 2014releaseand a presentation on DriveWorkscapabilities.

will also havethe chance to see the marriage of precision engineering and
SolidWorks modelling that is the Vencer Sarth;a new sports car whose accurately modelled SolidWorks design, helped with the
near perfect balancing of the car.

Members of the
DriveWorks Team will beat the eventto talk to you about our class-leading Design Automation and Sales Configuration solutions.

you are in the area, make sure you drop by and find out how much time and money
your company can save with DriveWorks.

event will be held at the Papendal in Arnhem, the home of Olympic sports in the
Netherlands and will begin at 9:00 AM.

For more information on the event, how to register and a detailed agenda please visit:


If you are a SolidWorks user in the
Northeast of America then you might already know about SolidWorks User Groups.

SolidWorks User Groups are packed to
the rafters full of knowledgeable and friendly users who get together to
connect and communicate with fellow SolidWorks users.

This year the North Eastern SolidWorks User Conference will bring together all
the North Eastern User Groups in one big meet up hosted at the Westford Regency
Inn & Conference center and will hold host to some great speakers including
our very own Glen Smith.

We are very excited to announce that this year we will be Platinum Sponsers for the event and we know it will be the best event yet!

NESWUC is a great way to learn loads about SolidWorks and of course DriveWorks.

So if you are in the area you can look forward to:

Learning from 28 Technical SolidWorks
sessions in 4 time slots

Connecting with some of the best
SolidWorks users

Discovering & Learning about some
exciting products to help you with SolidWorks by visiting the product showcase

A continental Breakfast & Lunch

Maybe even leave with some neat

For more information on this years NESWUC visit:

DriveWorks customisation

of the challenges faced by any international business offering configurable products is that differences in time
zones can severely limit your opportunities in other parts of the world, after
all, if you arent awake how can you give a quote to a customer.

option would be to allow the requests to pile up and then deal with them in the
morning, but anyone who works in an office with global reach knows that you can
end up with a huge pile of work before your day has even started, and by the
time you have finished with those requests your customer may have already
decided to go with someone else.

visiting one of our customers last week it became apparent that DriveWorks had
completely eliminated this problem for them, allowingthis small UK-based company to grow to
global proportions.

The company’s prospectscan entertheir detailsonline from any location
and receive a quote, along with an accurate model of their configured product in minutes.

business 24/7 has been an advantage of e-Commerce since the dawn of the Internet and DriveWorks
brings flexibility andresponsiveness to the quotation and design part of the sales

using DriveWorks our customers can produce instant quotes, BOMs and Models all
while they are sleeping!

any business looking to sell configurable products internationally, DriveWorks
automates the entire process allowing you to rest easy knowing that your
customers are not going unheard.

see examples of this kind of project take a look at DriveWorks Live where we
have some fantastic online examples.

more information on what DriveWorks can do for your business visit

To learn more about what DriveWorks can do for you come to our free expert led Webinar

here :

and to download your free DriveWorks Solo Trialgo to:

of our resellers’ 3D vision has sent us a fantastic customer success story,
once again showing us how DriveWorks can be used to streamline your business,
through saving time and freeing up your creative juices for innovation.

coach manufacturer Farber create speciality vehicles for a wide range of clients
in industries such as Home Land Security, Dental, Medical and communications.

With such
a varied portfolio of customers comes the challenge of creating custom designs
for each one, in the past this would mean expensive and time consuming
redesigns for each new vehicle.

Farber Speciality Vehicles began their experience with DriveWorks like many of our customers do, by tryingDriveWorks Solo in a 30 day trial. After seeing what DriveWorks Solo could do for their business they decided it was time to upgrade to DriveWorks Pro and expand their capabilities.

Now, using DriveWorks Pro, SolidWorks Models are produced in the
background permitting the engineers to spend more time working on other
elements of design.

Speciality Vehicles have automated the design of custom cabinetry for all their
vehicles, which means they can quickly create high quality custom designs that
meet the specifications of their customer.

find out more about Farber Speciality Vehiclesclick here.

3DVisioncoverOhio, Kentucky and Indiana.

DriveWorks Solo for free at


3DVision DriveWorks Case Study_Farber Specialty Vehicles


DriveWorkscan be used to automatemany aspects of the design processand itcan be used in so many different industries too.To help you learn more, we have created several “completed” DriveWorks Solo Sample projects. Theseare availableFREE
of charge. Once downloadedyou canopen them up and use them as a starting pointfor your own projects or just as a way to see what’s possible.

If you havent
already got your copy of DriveWorks Solo it is available completely free for a
30 Day trial
which means you can use these projects straight away and see how
versatile and adaptable Solo can be. (Remember – DriveWorks Solo runs insideSolidWorks so you will need that to generate your 3D CAD outputs)

If you don’t have SolidWorks, then don’t worry, as eachprojecteven has its owntutorial
video you can watch. This can be viewed toguide you through DriveWorks Solo in a few easy steps.

we have featured such varied templates as:

A custom machine guardVideo Here

Machine Guard Combined WEB


a configure a
conveyor project
Video Here

Conveyor Combined

and even a custom wheelchair project. – Video Here

Custom Wheel Chair Combined

No matter what industry
you are in, or even if youre just curious, there is a DriveWorks Solo project
for you.

Our newest
sample might be the snazziest yet allowing you to configure a shiny new toolbox(Video Here) with a whole host of options that you can play with. Once configured just click ok and DriveWorks Solo will generate all the SolidWorks files too.

And they say there is no such thing as a free lunch!

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