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That New Years glow is well and truly over, and after the chaos of December it is a relief to settle in to the New Year.

If only things were so easy.

Picture this.

Your company did particularly well last year and you hit all your sales targets! Awesome. Now what happens next?

Well, I cant speak on your behalf, but exceeding last years sales targets is the usual order for the day. No rest for the wicked! Or should that be no rest for the inefficient?

That is where DriveWorks comes in.

Using DriveWorks and its powerful rules engine, its possible to increase your sales productivity and turn more prospects in to customers.

Want to learn more? Then read on to see our top 4 reasons for implementing a Sales Configurator.

1. Sending out quotes early in the Sales Process

Anyone in sales knows that receiving a Request for Quotation from a lead doesnt guarantee that you will actually be selling any products. The problem is, your potential customer has probably been looking at other companies and can even use your quote to leverage an offer from a company they would prefer to do their business with. That is why speed, detail and differentiation are so important.

With a Sales Configurator like DriveWorks, your prospect will be greeted by an absorbing and dynamic experience, building their products and receiving detailed quotes quickly. This means you aren’t wasting time with dead end RFQs. Instead DriveWorks helps you win more business and save you time.

2. Simplify complex quotes

Selling configurable products can mean considerable complexity in knowing what product combinations are viable. Custom or configurable products will often require calculations of size, tolerances, and costs. This means the complexity rises with each variation and responding to customer requests in an accurate and timely manner becomes unfeasible. This problem can be intensified in larger companies where information may not be as easily accessible.

If you are tired of searching endlessly through pricing and specification lists to find the conditions to apply then you might consider using a rules based Sales Configurator. Using DriveWorks Pro, the rules in the background allow companies can connect their pricing, with product specifications, allowing customers to configure new variations, with pricing, detailed product information and even 3D visualisations.

3. No pressure – No errors

In any sales environment, pressure can be high. This pressure combined with product complexity can lead to mistakes. Without some sort of filter, orders can be submitted with impossible product combinations. This can incur significant costs for the error and delays in delivery. With Sales Configuration this problem is eliminated. Creating rules for each product and its possible variation ensures that only what can be made is sold.

4. Save Time – Save Money

Any salesperson spending time working with ad hoc documentation, searching for proposal lines to copy and paste, and wondering whether their order is currently in the ERP system is wasting time that they could be spending selling. With a Sales Configurator, all this documentation can be automatically generated, so there is no time wasted. This way time can be spent building strong customer relations and selling products.

To find out more about DriveWorks Pro, just visit and to try out our example product configurator just visit

With SolidWorks 2014 being released imminently, many of our Resellers
have opened their doors for you to come and see the new features in SolidWorks
2014. Solid Solutions is once again holding a spectacular event.

Building on Sir Ranulph Fiennes inspirational presentation
in 2013, this year, Olympic Gold Medal winner, Chris the Professor Boardman,
MBE, will be presenting at the event and sharing stories about his experiences
as a cyclist at the cutting edge of technology.

Chris will forever be
remembered for his stunning performances in the 1992 Summer Olympics where he
famously rode the iconic British made Lotus 108 to victory. His focus on
detailed preparation and innovation also informed his time as the leader of the
British Olympic R&D team in Beijing. This team, along with Chriss help, would became
the most prolific British Cycling team of all time.

Attendees will also have the chance to hear from SolidWorks
CEO, Bertrand Sicot
who will no doubt be a key player in what is a truly
impressive line-up for the event.

Of course along with the guest speakers there will be time
for you to explore whats new in SolidWorks 2014. DriveWorks will exhibiting at
the event so visit our booth and try out our Design Automation and Sales
Configurator software. Its also a perfect opportunity to get some advice from
one of Solid Solutions DriveWorks experts.

The event will be held at Heritage Motor Centre in Gaydon,
Warwickshire, which means that during the break from all the SolidWorks and
DriveWorks action you can peruse some of their 300 strong car collection,
including the Aston Martin DB5 which appeared in James Bonds SKYFALL.The
model on display was the actual car that was used for many of the driving
sequences in the film which stars Daniel Craig as 007.

If you can’t make the event in Warwickshire Solid Solutions are also holding launch events in Yeovilton, Southampton, London, Durham , Cambirdge and York.

For more details on how to register for the event or any of the other events, please visit:

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