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TheDriveWorks SoloHead Start Webinar, takes place the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month.

Are your designs the Same but Different?

This Webinar takes you through the quick and easy steps involved in automating your design process withDriveWorks Solo.

The Webinar Covers

There are two sessions of the Webinar, to try and cover as many time zones as possible.

Choose one of the sessions below and click on the link on the Registration Page to ‘view in your own time zone.’

Use this Webinar to learn how to automate your designs and like many of our customers you can learn how to reduce design time from3 days to 3 minutes.

To download your free 30 day trial of DriveWorks Solo here.

Wednesday January 8th, 2013

Session 1 –Click Here to register

Session 2 –Click Here to register


DriveWorkscan be used to automatemany aspects of the design processand itcan be used in so many different industries too.To help you learn more, we have created several “completed” DriveWorks Solo Sample projects. Theseare availableFREE
of charge. Once downloadedyou canopen them up and use them as a starting pointfor your own projects or just as a way to see what’s possible.

If you havent
already got your copy of DriveWorks Solo it is available completely free for a
30 Day trial
which means you can use these projects straight away and see how
versatile and adaptable Solo can be. (Remember – DriveWorks Solo runs insideSolidWorks so you will need that to generate your 3D CAD outputs)

If you don’t have SolidWorks, then don’t worry, as eachprojecteven has its owntutorial
video you can watch. This can be viewed toguide you through DriveWorks Solo in a few easy steps.

we have featured such varied templates as:

A custom machine guardVideo Here

Machine Guard Combined WEB


a configure a
conveyor project
Video Here

Conveyor Combined

and even a custom wheelchair project. – Video Here

Custom Wheel Chair Combined

No matter what industry
you are in, or even if youre just curious, there is a DriveWorks Solo project
for you.

Our newest
sample might be the snazziest yet allowing you to configure a shiny new toolbox(Video Here) with a whole host of options that you can play with. Once configured just click ok and DriveWorks Solo will generate all the SolidWorks files too.

And they say there is no such thing as a free lunch!

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