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You make your project and use it a few times, then for one reason or another its name has to be changed. This is simple enough and this short guide will take you through step by step to show you just how easy it is:

Once a project has been created it can be renamed quite easily. This involves usign a combination of Windows Explorer and DriveWorks Pro Data Management Tool.

1. Ensure the Group that contains the project to be renamed is not open in any DriveWorks application.

2. Locate the project files for the project to be renamed in Windows Explorer

3. Rename the project files to the name to be given to the project

Both projects must be named identically. Take care not to include any extra spaces or remove the . in between the file name and extension.

4. Launch DriveWorks Pro Data Management Tool, login to the group and select the Projects stage from the Task Explorer.

5.The old project name will be displayed in red (missing) in the projects list. Right click on the missing project and select Change Location.

6. In the Browse for New Locaion dialog, browse to the location where the renamed project files exist.

7. In the same dialog click the file type drop down and select All File (*.*)

8. Select the renamed project file (ProjectName.driveproj)

Your project now has its brand new name and is ready to use!

Answers to the majority of your questions can be found in the DriveWorks Pro Helpfile, however if you do have any other questions, contact DriveWorks at



It happens to everyone, you buy a brand newcomputer, then have to put all your programmes on to the new machine and make sure they’re all licensed to that new machine. At DriveWorks we want you to be able to get back into action using your DriveWorks Software on your new machine as quickly and easily as possible.

So… simply return your license from your OLD machine via the internet to our license server,and thenwhether that means you’re lucky enough to be getting a brand new machine or just reformatting and existing one, then the license is available for you to use again when you’re ready!

Here’s a simple guide to show you How To Return YourDriveWorks SoloLicense Key:

1. Go to the Windows Start Button

2. Click through All Programs > DriveWorks Solo > DriveWorks Solo License Manager

3. Click Return License

4. Click Finish on the License Management wizard once it is complete

And to return your DriveWorks Pro License Key:

1. Go to the Windows Start Button

2. Click through All programs > DriveWorks (program group)

3. Select the license that is to be returned and click View

4. Click Return License

5. Click Finish on the License management Wizard once it is complete


Then just do allyour changes to your machine andactivate the same code againwhich you can access through the DriveWorks Solo/DriveWorks Pro websites. Then you are back in action!

The key thing with this is making sure you return the license BEFORE you make the changes to your machine, orBEFORE you need to activate it on your new machine!


This procedure is really quick and easy, but if you do come across any difficulties, then just drop us an email at and we’ll get it sorted for you!


For help with other queries, why not check out our online HelpFiles

DriveWorks Solo:

DriveWorks Pro:

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