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This DriveWorks Live demo begins by detecting whether the user is running on a Desktop or a Mobile device, as this will change the appearance of the form. The user is also able to choose what font style and colour they would like. This is an excellent way of demonstrating DriveWorks Form Technology providing the options to choose from and the rules based technology working behind the scenes that allows these changes to happen seamlessly.

Here are the few short steps taken to configure the perfect canopy, in a form design chosen by the user:

1. Visit the demo site.

2. Select the Entrance Canopy demo.

3. Choose the font colour and style desired.

4. Select the currency you wouldlike the canopy to be priced in.

5. Then it’s time to configure the dimensions of the canopy.

6. Followed by the foundations and frame colour.

Configure caopy




7. Then view the summary of the choices that have been made and add (or take away) any extras.

8. Simply add in contact details and click submit.

Canopy details




9. You will then receive an email including all relevant Excel/Word documents and models/drawings.

Canopy docs









Have a go yourself and configure an entrance canopy to your exact specifications!


This demo is great in showing how clever and logical form design can ensure a large quantity of information can be included in a single-from project, without looking overcrowded or complicated.

This staircase project includes: customer contact information, design and configuration tools and sales contact information on just the one form, giving the ability to configure different staircases and supply sales and manufacturing documents in a matter of minutes.

Here are the few simple steps I took when running through the project:

1. Visit the demo site.

2. Click on the ‘Fixed width example’ square.

3. The password and username – Guest and Guest.

4. Choose the Fire Escape project.

5. You can select an exisiting company from the drop down list – the company details, contact and currency will automatically appear. Alternatively, you can create a new company.

6. Then, configure your staircase, choosing: the height and pillar to pillar distance, the number of floors and the step width.

7. Then just enter your details – and when all the blue warning triangles have disappeared – the form is complete and you can click submit.


8. You will then receive all essential sales and marketing documents by email to complete the order.










This project demonstrates how, once set-up by an engineer that understands the technicalities and rules behind the project, anyone can configure a staircase to their exact specifications on one, very user-friendly form.

Feedback from a staircase company using DriveWorks:

“The use of SolidWorks/DriveWorks practically eliminates the “repetitive” design elements allowing their engineers to focus on the 20% “job-specific” elements and whilst also freeing up time to dedicate to those more creative “one off” feature staircases.”

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