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Custom HVAC Configurator – DriveWorks Pro Example

Products in the HVAC industry are often very specific and custom, and thats where HVAC manufacturers can benefit from the power of a product configurator. The DriveWorks HVAC configurator example shows how this can be achieved with DriveWorks. In this blog, we’re stepping through the example to explain how the HVAC product configurator works.

DriveWorks Live Month – Configure a Cupboard

DriveWorks can be used as a configurator by anyone! With DriveWorks Pro Live + Autopilot your company can run projects like those featured on and

Bringing manufacturing home – New Design Techniques and the return of Local Manufacturing

Local manufacturing might be making a return find out more here…

Innovative use of DriveWorks Technology

Find out how we are using DriveWorks to automate our internal processes.

How to Troubleshoot Licensing Webinar – 27th June

Do you have questions about licensing? Attend this webinar to understand how DriveWorks licensing works.

Configuring Customisable Furniture online in 3D using DriveWorks

A great example of a DriveWorks customer using DriveWorks Pro to automate and integrate the engineering and sales process.

Configuring DriveWorks Pro Server – 20th June

The next topic in the DriveWorks Webinar Marathon will look at Configuring DriveWorks Pro Server the DriveWorks Tool for Multi-User Environments and will take place on Thursday 20th June at 4pm (BST).

Child Project Specification Flow Webinar – 13th June

Want to learn more about Child Project Specification Flow? This is the webinar for you!

An Introduction to DriveWorks Pro – Webinar – 6th June

DriveWorks lets you configure custom designs/orders quickly and easily. Attend this Webinar to find out more.

DriveWorks Live Example – Entrance Canopy

Configure yourself an entrance canopy online using DriveWorks Live!

Simple Tables in DriveWorks Webinar – 16th May

Learn more about using Simple Tables in DriveWorks in this webinar.

From DriveWorks Solo to DriveWorks Pro Webinar – 9th May

Learn about some of the additional functionality available in DriveWorks Pro and the steps to using DriveWorks as a Sales Configurator.

Product Data Management – DriveWorks Pro Integration with Enterprise PDM

Look how easy it is to make DriveWorks Pro work with SolidWorks Enterprise PDM.

How To: Rename a Project in DriveWorks Pro

Ever needed to rename a project in DriveWorks Pro. Now it’s easy, either look in the DriveWorks Pro HelpFile, or just follow these steps!

New Machine? How To: Return Your License Key

Getting a new computer? Changing your operating system? Follow these quick and simple steps to return your DriveWorks license key so it’s ready to reactivate!

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