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Configuring a Sample HVAC

Products in the HVAC industry are often very specific and custom, and that’s where HVAC manufacturers can benefit from the power of a product configurator.

When designing an HVAC system, it is important to gather as much information as possible to meet the needs and the specifications of the facility.

Having the ability to engage with a customer in the design of the system with a product configurator such as DriveWorks can give your business a competitive advantage.

The DriveWorks Live websitehas many examples showing the latest DriveWorks technology.

Anyone can use these online configurators that were created using DriveWorks software.

In this blog, we’re using one of the examples and following the quick and easy steps to configure a custom HVAC.

With DriveWorks 18, our team have added more 3D capability to bring the HVAC configurator to life.

Im going to step through a series of options to specify the size of my HVAC. Ill make my selection from the options provided.

With every change I make and every option I select, DriveWorks software is working in the background to update the model on screen, update selections and show an up to date price throughout.

Once I’ve completed my selections, DriveWorks will create all the manufacturing details automatically.

That includes the SOLIDWORKS 3D parts, assemblies and drawings, cut lists, BOM and much more.

Multiple Modules and Components

The HVAC configurator on DriveWorks Live is a strong example of adding and configuring multiple modules and components of an assembly together in DriveWorks.

The configurator steps through the different modules that make up the entire HVAC unit.

Notes within the different steps and modules help support a guided selling environment that a customer or salesperson can easily follow to make their configuration choices.

Each module will be configured on its own as part of the larger unit.

We will encounter multiple forms, rules and layers of design automation at work in this example.

Defined parameters and strong rules built in the background in DriveWorks are doing the heavy lifting.

Although we can’t see it, there is a lot going on with the design of this system in the back end once the entries have been made in the front end of the tool.

Dynamic Form Controls

The configurator makes it easy to design the HVAC unit, walking through the design step by step.

First, we need to set some specifications on the capacity and calculation of the airflow of the unit.

As forms define the user interface of a DriveWorks configurator, we will see various ways these are set up as we work through this example.

We choose our connection type in this first step by clicking on the options (screwed vs. flanged) and then use a slider tool to determine the airflow.

The system configuration will be updated as we move into our next steps.

Generation Tasks

Once we have established our connection and capacity, we must now begin to add the different modules to the HVAC Unit.

Working through the simple dashboard of HVAC modules that have been created, we choose the modules we want to add one at a time by clicking on the image.

Once a module is chosen, a new set of DriveWorks form controls appear that are relevant to that module.

Changes are applied immediately when we add the module to our assembly and the price is also updated.

The choices we make on these forms are driving a brand-new design of this component because of rules that have been added in the background.

With DriveWorks Generation Tasks, we can add and configure the 6 separate modules individually to make up the larger HVAC unit assembly.

Specify Design Requirements

As we work through each of the 6 modules, we must specify the design requirements that we want for each module.

There are DriveWorks dynamic forms in place for each module. DriveWorks form controls are completely customizable so you can adapt and skin them to match your own branding, style and business needs.

In this case, the forms are mostly designed as a slider tool. In both the Fan Module as well as the Humidifier Module, we use the slider tool to choose the dimensions of the units.

Forms and rules work together in DriveWorks. The inputs of the forms are driven by the rules that have been created in the background.

The model and price are continuously updated. This automation happens throughout the configuration.

Order Review and Submit

As we complete the design of the HVAC unit, we can now review all the modules that have been added to our design.

This configuration summary page provides the list of the modules as well as the cost, dimensions, and description for each of them.

The configurator has been designed so that you can go back a step and make a change if needed the change is then reflected in the model and the summary.

Automated Documents

DriveWorks also creates custom sales and manufacturing documentation for your order.

We can view the Bill of Materials and Quote for this order by clicking on the buttons in the configuration summary.

The quote provides a summary of the modules ordered during design as well as the cost for the order.

Once the order is confirmed and submitted, DriveWorks immediately starts generating the assemblies and a fully dimensioned drawing for review and for use in manufacturing.

All of this automation is a huge time saving for engineering. This fully automated process reduces errors, improves quality and allows product engineers and designers to focus on other areas of the business.

DriveWorks can easily pass information to and from 3rd party systems. This is possible as DriveWorks is built on its own fully documented API.

This makes it easy to integrate DriveWOrks with any of your company systems such as a CRM or ERP system.


In addition to receiving the order information and associated business documents, DriveWorks also automatically creates the SOLIDWORKS models for the HVAC unit and the detailed dimensioned drawings.

As the rules, logic and engineering knowledge have already been entered into DriveWorks,manufacturing can begin without engineers checking every detail and making changes to the design.

The drawings are labelled for easy identification. Below is an example of the fan module drawing that we configured in DriveWorks.

You can see that it has the part numbers as well as the descriptions for each part listed in the table on the drawing.

Having both the SOLIDWORKS models and drawings fully automated by DriveWorks, we have reduced the number of engineering hours needed every time a new order is made.

In addition to this, as the models are updated by DriveWorks, it also reduces the number of errors as well as expedited our time to manufacturing and meeting the customers needs.

Flexible, Scalable and Easy to Use

DriveWorks is versatile, fully customisable and easy to use so you can build a product configurator that suits your needs.

This HVAC configurator is just one example of how DriveWorks can be used and shows just some of the functionality available.

Have a go with this example, and see the many other product and industry examples at

Once you’ve explored how DriveWorks looks from the front end, head to the Technology section to take a look under the hood at the underlying technology inside DriveWorks and the functionality used to build a Design Automation and Sales Configurator solution.

Configure a

DriveWorks can be
used as zoloft weight gain a configurator by anyone! With DriveWorks Pro Live + Autopilot your company
can run projects like those featured on and

This week, we will be looking at the features powering this
Configure a Cupboard example.

Feature Number 1 – Easy to use forms

DriveWorks-Mass-Customization (1)

DriveWorks provides easy-to-customise, easy to use forms for anyone to
use. Every aspect of the form, from colours, to font, to the placement of the
text boxes can be easily edited, and with our built in form editor this process
is easy.

Feature Number 2 – Real Time Pricing

Real Time Bill of Materials

With DriveWorks Pro, forms can include clomid dynamic pricing. The BOM and the Price change automatically to match the details selected and typed in. It is even possible to add discounts for certain configurations. This kind of up front costing saves your sales team time, and allows you to be transparent with your customers.

Feature 3 – Models in 3D and 2D

Model IN 3D

DriveWorks can show your customer their configured product while they are still making changes, with any updates reflected in the models in either 3D or 2D. No longer does your customer have to wait to see what their customised product will look like.

If you would like to see what DriveWorks can do for your company please contact your local reseller, for a list of resellers please visit .


Manufacturing was at one time the backbone of the UK economy, but over time, thegrowth of low cost, mass produced items resulted in the rates of employment in the manufacturing industry fall. However more recently cusotmer
demands are changing and there is a move in some businesses to more
local manufacturing or assembly.

DriveWorks Mass-Customization

DriveWorks Customising a Cupboard

In a recent SolidWorks Blog we highlightedhow Mass
Customisation of products
would see a new wave of highly customized
configurable products being produced through the use of configuration and
automation software
which allows for designs to become more flexible.

One thing that wasnt mentioned was the impact that such a
shift in manufacturing could have on the economic viability of local
manufacturing. The lower costs and plentiful workforces thathave beenafforded to
companies with a global manufacturing supply chain have allowed them to create
mass produced products that are cheaper tomanufacture.

However, things, it seems, are changing. We are seeingincreasing
costs of manufacturing in the developing world andconsumers being
less willing to accept a product that is the same as a million others.Italso seems thatconsumers are crying out for something with the personal touch. The same demand for personalisation has driven the massive
expansion of social media; just as we can change our profile picture, consumers
want their products to represent their needs.

The advantage of design automation and sales configuration
then become clear. Allowing product designs to changeat the press
of a button and at the command of the consumer, gives a company a huge competitive
advantage. While they may still use many of the same components and parts in their designs, combining
theseitems in new and exciting combinations means that the product becomes the consumers
creation, not the companys.


Automating Designs in DriveWorks

Design Automation in DriveWorks

So where does local manufacturing or assembly fit in? To
allow for these products to be created and launched in an acceptable time frame
it becomes essential for these products to be assembled if not manufactured in
the country from which they will be sold. Add to this is the increased expertise
that comes with creating customized products and now it is local manufacturing that
begins to make more sense.


The advantages of this process dont end with local
manufacturing either. Any business that has a huge reliance on a well stocked inventory in order to meet the configurations of their customers, will find
that they end up with a large amount of their financestied up in stock.While in some industries this causes no issue, for others, for
examplea PC manufacturer, this could result in them havingstock
that has gone out of date before it has left the factory.


Hydrolic cylinder with 3d Preview/Visualisation

Configuring a Cylinder on

Through allowing customers to configure their product and
through locally sourcing or producing what is necessary, businesses can offer
their customers what they want without having to rely on a large stock inventory
and while also being able to deliver products quicker.


Interestingly Motorola will be using this model in their
upcoming Motorola Moto X. The Moto X while manufactured in outside the US will
be assembled in the US. The reason cited for the assembly in the US is the added flexibility
and responsiveness in both the actual customisation of the phone and the time
of delivery which now promises to deliver a fully customized phone to customers
in only 6 days.

As the needs of consumers begin to evolve and new tastes
begin to emerge, those manufacturers providing a more agile process will be the
ones who can provide the speed and customization that customers want. Mass
production isnt going away anywhere soon but those companies who can see ahead
understand that the return of local manufacturing can be a real competitive advantage.

For more information on how to implement DriveWorks to automate and configure your products please visit

DriveWorks has established itself as a world leader in Design Automation. Now, branching out
Homepage certinto the online Sales Configurator market, DriveWorks software is being used for exciting and innovative projects.

We have used DriveWorks internally to help us automate some of our processes. One of these
processes is the DriveWorks Certification. Previously we have used a different forms website to
create questionnaires and then manually checked the answers to see if they were correct. If the participant passed their certification it would be the responsibility of the Marketing and Admin team to manually create a certificate and add the information into all DriveWorks systems. This, as you can imagine, is very time consuming and of course there is potential for mistakes to be made during this process.

Also, if people were attempting to take the DriveWorks Technical Certifications they would have to request the brief and files through an email before they could begin their certification.

TestHowever, through using DriveWorks’ rules technology, we have now managed to create a DriveWorks Live Certification website. With the website being accessible 24 hours a day, it allows people anywhere in the world to take their certification, regardless of their time zone.

After completing the Product Knowledge Quiz, if successful, the participant will then immediately receive their certificate. This not only ensures that the person taking the certification is aware of their results immediately, it also frees up time for Marketing and Admin staff at DriveWorks and
eliminates the risk for mistakes to be made.

When the DriveWorks Technical training has been completed, our Pre-Sales engineer will be notified and organise a short meeting where the participant can present their project. When this is completed, its a simple matter of pressing pass or fail and the certificate will be automatically created and emailed, again freeing up the time of various different members of DriveWorks staff.



The next topic in the DriveWorks Webinar Marathon isHow to TroubleshootLicensingand will take place on Thursday 27th June at 4pm (BST).

Fixed licenses, Floating licenses, Network License Manager,DriveWorks Live licenses, find out all you need to know. Our Tech team havegathered together a list of questions that have come in to our Support Desk or Forums over the last year. The webinar will cover the functionality and limiations of each license type and go through a number of troubleshooting tips if you ever run in to difficulties.

To sign up for this webinar go to:

The DriveWorks User Community – for all DriveWorks customers with a valid
subscription support contract.

The DriveWorks Reseller Community – for all DriveWorks VARs.






Tabluka is a UK based company that sells configurable and customisable furniture and other home accessories that can be designed and personalize to the customersown tasteover the web.

Tabluka Creative Director Daniel Knox says that The Tabluka concept is different in many ways. Different because it uses the latest digital design technologies. Different because it uses modern, stylish materials. Different because it puts you in control.

He says that Tabluka has been developed out of understanding consumer needs and thegowing desire forpersonalised, long lasting and sustainably sourced furniture.

Tabluka furniture is assembled by slotting together the flat packed pieces without the need for any screws, nails or tools – therefore no need for DIY experience. Anyone who watched The Apprentice and the flat pack furniture challenge, will understand the appeal of this when it is done well.

Tabluka are currently using DriveWorks Pro Administrator, DriveWorks Pro Autopilot and DriveWorks Pro Live to allow their consumers to directly configure their own table and accessories online.

The site has all been createdusing DriveWorks form technology and lets you choose: the tableheight, width, depth, cormer radius andthe wood type and finish. There are evenoptions for cable management, for people who want to bring electricity or internet conenctions to their table!

And one of the most popular features is the ability to personalize the table by engraving family names, dates and special messages.


Benefitscited by Tabluka forusing DriveWorks are:

You can visit Tabluka here or follow the Tabluka concept on Twitter at @tabluka


The next topic in the DriveWorks Webinar Marathonwill look at ConfiguringDriveWorks Pro Server – the DriveWorksTool for Multi-User Environmentsand will take place on Thursday 20th June at 4pm (BST). Pro server

DriveWorks Pro Server is a free tool included in the DriveWorks Pro installation.

It is used typically in a multi-user environment to manage Shared Groups created by DriveWorks Administrator and accessed by all DriveWorks Pro modules.

This webinar will includeall of the steps we go throughif we receive a support call for Pro Server.

To sign up for this webinar go to:

The DriveWorks User Community – for all DriveWorks customers with a valid
subscription support contract.

The DriveWorks Reseller Community – for all DriveWorks VARs.

The next topic in the DriveWorks Webinar Marathon isChild Project Specification Flowand will take place on Thursday13thJuneat 4pm (BST).

This webinar coversChild Project Specification Flowfunctionality and gives example of when and how it can be used. It also
Child specexplains how to use it including information about: states, transitions, operations and specification tasks.

To sign up for this webinar go to:

The DriveWorks User Community – for all DriveWorks customers with a valid
subscription support contract.

The DriveWorks Reseller Community – for all DriveWorks VARs.

The next topic in the DriveWorks Webinar Marathon isAn Introduction to DriveWorksProand will take place on Thursday6th Juneat 4pm (BST).

From a single seat to enterprise-wide deployments, DriveWorks software has been developed to suit the needs of most companies that design and configure-to-order.

This 30 minute webinar will provide an introduction to the DriveWorks Products available and in particular it will illustrate DriveWorks Pro capability using a number of online projects that you can try for yourself after the event.

You will see how you can use DriveWorks locally or on the web to generate manufacturing drawings, 3D Models and sales documents automatically.

To sign up for this webinar click on the link below:

Register here





This DriveWorks Live demo begins by detecting whether the user is running on a Desktop or a Mobile device, as this will change the appearance of the form. The user is also able to choose what font style and colour they would like. This is an excellent way of demonstrating DriveWorks Form Technology providing the options to choose from and the rules based technology working behind the scenes that allows these changes to happen seamlessly.

Here are the few short steps taken to configure the perfect canopy, in a form design chosen by the user:

1. Visit the demo site.

2. Select the Entrance Canopy demo.

3. Choose the font colour and style desired.

4. Select the currency you wouldlike the canopy to be priced in.

5. Then it’s time to configure the dimensions of the canopy.

6. Followed by the foundations and frame colour.

Configure caopy




7. Then view the summary of the choices that have been made and add (or take away) any extras.

8. Simply add in contact details and click submit.

Canopy details




9. You will then receive an email including all relevant Excel/Word documents and models/drawings.

Canopy docs









Have a go yourself and configure an entrance canopy to your exact specifications!

The next topic in the DriveWorks Webinar Marathon isSimple Tablesand will take place on Thursday16th May at 4pm (BST). Simple table

The webinar will cover what Simple Tables are and explain the benefits of using them. It will also cover how to use Simple Tables including: Table Lookups and Exporting to a Simple Table. There will also be a walkthrough example.

To sign up for this webinar go to:

The DriveWorks User Community – for all DriveWorks customers with a valid
subscription support contract.

The DriveWorks Reseller Community – for all DriveWorks VARs.

The next webinar in the DriveWorks Webinar Marathon series is From DriveWorks Solo to DriveWorks Pro and will take place on 9th May at 4pm (BST)
Solo to pro

If you already know about DriveWorks Solo and would like to do more, then this webinar is ideal for you. It reveals some of the additional functionality available in DriveWorks Pro and sets out
the steps to using DriveWorks as a Sales Configurator.

To sign up for this informative webinar, just click on the link below!

From DriveWorks Solo to DriveWorks Pro


Product Data Management is a topic that we are often asked about. And because DriveWorks is so good at generating documents and dataautomatically, we wanted to make sure that for those companies that are interested inmanaging all those filesthat we could provide an immediate solution.

DriveWorks Pro can be set up to automatcially integrate with SolidWorks and SolidWorks Enterprise PDM to securely store all documents created by DriveWorks in the design process.

An example of how it works

1. Say youconfigure a cupboard in a browser, using DriveWorks Pro Live. You fill out the form including quote number, customer name, materials, dimensions etc…

2. When your design is complete and you click ‘Release’, DriveWorks Pro Autopilot starts working in the background to generate the new files.

3. As DriveWorks Pro Autopilot creates all the files, these are sent into the SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Vault.

4. When this is complete, you can open up the location where DriveWorks has saved the files: you can see the drawings, models, parts assemblies have all been automatically been checked in to the EPDM vault.

When you configure your design on the web and click go, everything in the background has been created and checked in.

It’sreally easy to set up, via the settingsscreens in DriveWorks Pro. Just enter: Vault Name, User Name and Password, etc – and then DriveWorks takes care of the rest.

To see all of this in action,check out the EPDM Integration video on the DriveWorks Pro website.

You can also read more in the DriveWorks Pro HelpFile

You make your project and use it a few times, then for one reason or another its name has to be changed. This is simple enough and this short guide will take you through step by step to show you just how easy it is:

Once a project has been created it can be renamed quite easily. This involves usign a combination of Windows Explorer and DriveWorks Pro Data Management Tool.

1. Ensure the Group that contains the project to be renamed is not open in any DriveWorks application.

2. Locate the project files for the project to be renamed in Windows Explorer

3. Rename the project files to the name to be given to the project

Both projects must be named identically. Take care not to include any extra spaces or remove the . in between the file name and extension.

4. Launch DriveWorks Pro Data Management Tool, login to the group and select the Projects stage from the Task Explorer.

5.The old project name will be displayed in red (missing) in the projects list. Right click on the missing project and select Change Location.

6. In the Browse for New Locaion dialog, browse to the location where the renamed project files exist.

7. In the same dialog click the file type drop down and select All File (*.*)

8. Select the renamed project file (ProjectName.driveproj)

Your project now has its brand new name and is ready to use!

Answers to the majority of your questions can be found in the DriveWorks Pro Helpfile, however if you do have any other questions, contact DriveWorks at



It happens to everyone, you buy a brand newcomputer, then have to put all your programmes on to the new machine and make sure they’re all licensed to that new machine. At DriveWorks we want you to be able to get back into action using your DriveWorks Software on your new machine as quickly and easily as possible.

So… simply return your license from your OLD machine via the internet to our license server,and thenwhether that means you’re lucky enough to be getting a brand new machine or just reformatting and existing one, then the license is available for you to use again when you’re ready!

Here’s a simple guide to show you How To Return YourDriveWorks SoloLicense Key:

1. Go to the Windows Start Button

2. Click through All Programs > DriveWorks Solo > DriveWorks Solo License Manager

3. Click Return License

4. Click Finish on the License Management wizard once it is complete

And to return your DriveWorks Pro License Key:

1. Go to the Windows Start Button

2. Click through All programs > DriveWorks (program group)

3. Select the license that is to be returned and click View

4. Click Return License

5. Click Finish on the License management Wizard once it is complete


Then just do allyour changes to your machine andactivate the same code againwhich you can access through the DriveWorks Solo/DriveWorks Pro websites. Then you are back in action!

The key thing with this is making sure you return the license BEFORE you make the changes to your machine, orBEFORE you need to activate it on your new machine!


This procedure is really quick and easy, but if you do come across any difficulties, then just drop us an email at and we’ll get it sorted for you!


For help with other queries, why not check out our online HelpFiles

DriveWorks Solo:

DriveWorks Pro:

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