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On Monday, we blogged about how 3D printing is innovating rapidly. Since then, there has been even more innovation, proving just how quickly it is moving forward.

The Guardian has announced that Oxfam, a charity fighting global poverty, have been trialling 3D printing as a way of improving sanitation, specifically in Lebanon.

A 3D printer donated to Oxfam by iMakr has been used to build parts of taps and faucets to provide more handwashing facilities for the people of Lebanon.

3D printing has also been considered as a way to build emergency shelters. This technique would be extremely quick and cost effective as it takes just 24 hours to build a set of medium term rooms out of local materials such as sand.

Departing Haworth Primary School at 10.30am on Sunday morning, 7 members of the DriveWorks team battled through questionable weather over; Thornton, Ovenden and Oxenhope Moor to succeed in completing the KCAC (Keighley and Craven Atheletic Club) ‘Yorkshireman off Road Half Marathon’.

The route was only partially flagged, therefore maps and compasses werecertainly needed to find their way back down to base. Not only was it a difficult route to follow, but incredibly physically demanding. Climbing up and down hills for 13+ miles was enough to exhaust even people entering theOlympics next year. So, fora teamof techiestoallCOMPLETE this challenge, itseriously contests the stereotype of people that work with computersand software! Ok, so not everyone ran the whole race, but every singleparticipant from the DriveWorks team finished it, whether that was walking, running, or a combination of both and some with fantastic times!

For every single DriveWorks competitor that finished the route DriveWorks have promised to make a donation of 贈50 perparticipantto localcare home ‘CoteBrook House,‘ who have received the highest rating of 3 stars (‘excellent’) from the Care Quality Commission. This money will go towards helping people who suffer from various physical disabilities.

So, congratulations to everyone who took part (completion times have been asked to be kept secret): Adam, Phil, Matt, Carol, Maria, Glen and Chris!Their fantastic effort really will make a difference to CoteBrook Houseand will really aid people that need to have some assistance in performing everyday tasks!

What a wonderful individual achievement for all involved, but also well done on coming out – at the weekend –to climb hills in typical British weather, to help people less fortunate. Everyone should be very proud of themselves!



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