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Everyday 3D Printing Weve blogged a lot lately about the rapid speed in which 3D printing is innovating and how the possibilities seem relatively endless. 3D printing is not only innovating in huge, life-changing ways (like printing a functioning human heart) it is also attempting to solve everyday problems faced by a lot of people. Laura Griffiths, Editorial [...]
Charity Uses 3D Printing Techniques On Monday, we blogged about how 3D printing is innovating rapidly. Since then, there has been even more innovation, proving just how quickly it is moving forward. The Guardian has announced that Oxfam, a charity fighting global poverty, have been trialling 3D printing as a way of improving sanitation, specifically in Lebanon. A 3D printer [...]
Incredible 3D Printing Innovation If you were at SolidWorks World back in January, you may have seen our very own Glen Smith present. He talked about how design automation and 3D printing are potentially a marriage made in heaven. If you weren't at SolidWorks World or didn't see Glen's presentation you can watch it on the SolidWorks World Proceedings [...]
3D Printing Whats next?

Anything that can turn your meticulously made models in to a real 3D product without great big machines is certainly cool in our book. We love the idea that it is possible to use DriveWorks to automate the design of new parts printed by a 3D printer.

3D Printing and Design Automation, a match Made in Heaven?

Can design automation change the face of 3D printing ?

MakerBot Arrives at DriveWorks

Excitement in the DriveWorks Office as our 3D Printer arrives!

See us at DEVELOP3D LIVE – April 16th 2013

Develop3D LIVE – The future of design technology.

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