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ThisDriveWorks Liveproject shows the different ways of configuring 3D on the web using DriveWorks.

DriveWorks has its own 3D file format, which is an export from SolidWorks. Slide4

Once exported DriveWorks 3D Workshop can be used to prepare the model for configuration on the web. DriveWorks 3D Workshop is free and included with DriveWorks Pro.

DriveWorks 3D Files have been created to work in most modern browsers and on most devices. In this walkthrough example, the user can see how easy it is to manipulate DriveWorks 3D files to be able to see various views and zoom in and out.

Slide5The example includes information text, explaining how the project is working. Using DriveWorks rules technology the user can choose whether or not this information is displayed. The demo illustrates that appearances can be changed without having to create thousands of exported models. It also demonstrates how DriveWorks can even create and view 3D models that have not been created before.Slide3

For this, SolidWorks is running in the background. If the file does not exist, DriveWorks Autopilot will create it and export the DriveWorks 3D file, before previewing it in the browser.

So head on over to the DriveWorks Live demo site now to see different ways to create and manipulate 3D on the web and on your device.


Conveyor 1






As the BRAND NEW DriveWorks Solo Head Start webinar launches this week,featuringa conveyor project, we thought it would be a great opportunity to showcase the DriveWorks Live Conveyor demo.

This DriveWorks Live demo is a great example to present the speed in which the user can receive all the sales documents. It also provides the user with a 3D preview of their model in the form, and sends an image of this with the sales documents.

Its a really quick and easy form to run through, and is optimised to work on various devices and in any of the most common internet browsers.

Here are the few simple steps I took to configure a conveyor in 3D:

1. Login to the demo site.

2. Select the ‘fixed width example’ square.

3. Select the conveyor project.

4. Choose the width, height and whether the conveyor you are configuring is heavy, medium or light duty (i.e. transporting heavy, medium or lightweight materials).

Conveyor 1






5. You can then also choose whether you would like raised sides or not – similar to bumpers in bowling!

6. You can then choose how many sections you would like your conveyor to have (1-5).

Conveyor 2






7. Then adjust the sections to be as desired – length of the section, whetherit is straight or curved, and the angle of the curve.

8. After configuring theconveyor, it’s a simple case of entering contact details and clicking submit.

9. Check your emails for the sales documents!
Conveyor docs










Conveyors are incredibly configurable items, heres some great statistics from a company in thematerial handling industry already using DriveWorks:



What an eventful day! Weset off at 12pm on 19th March, giving us plenty of time (or so we thought) to make it down to the Warwick Arts Centre and have the booth nicely set up by 6pm. However at 2pm,a serious accidentstruck ahead of us and we were completely stationary for 3hours. Wehope that there were no serious injuries to those involved.

Eventually, the central reservation of the motorway was taken down (by The Highways Agency, not frustrated travellers), we were instructed by the police to make a u-turn and began to move again.

By the time we made it to Warwick Arts Centre it was 6pm, however luckily for us, the Develop3D Live organisers kept the exhibition space open for us to set up!

In true Develop3D style the team put on a great evening event, where we had some wonderful food, followed by (lots of) beer and pool.

A very enjoyable night had by all.

The next day it was time to get down to business. Develop3D Live wassuperbly attended; by hundreds of industry professionals, students and educators alike, and with our ideal spot in theexhibition spacewe had plenty of people stopping by the booth to discuss their DriveWorks needs!

Plenty of people stopped by to pick up their FREE copy of the Little Book of Rules and to see all the exciting enhancements in DriveWorks 9, especially the 3D on the web and Sales Configuratordevelopments. DriveWorks Live

We also got to see some brilliant presentations and met lots of interesting and enthusiastic people, not just about DriveWorks, but about the manufacturing industry (and the UK too) – a very refreshing outlook!

Thank you to Develop3D for organising such a wonderful, professional and entertainingevent! We look forward to Develop3D Live 2013!

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