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We are committed to making DriveWorks easy to set up and use.

We’ve worked hard to create valuable resources for you to learn more about the software you’re using.

Get started with DriveWorks or improve your projects by learning from the resources available below.

Can I try DriveWorks software?

Yes. If you have SOLIDWORKS then you already have DriveWorksXpress installed in the SOLIDWORKS tools menu.

You can also try DriveWorks Solo by downloading a 30 Day Free Trial.

Try DriveWorks Pro by using the examples on to configure products online now!

How are others using DriveWorks software?

DriveWorks is used by many different companies in many different industries worldwide. DriveWorks gives companies a unique competitive advantage and you can find out how others are benefiting from this by reading our Case Studies.

What documentation is available?

We have created extensive online documentation to help you find the answers to your questions.

Xpress Forum

Join in, ask questions and chat about DriveWorksXpress in the SOLIDWORKS forum.

Xpress Tutorials

By following these tutorials, you will soon be automating your own designs in SOLIDWORKS to reduce the lead time and cost of custom designs, to help you win more business.

Xpress Help File

You'll find the DriveWorksXpress help file embedded inside SOLIDWORKS, just press F1 or the Help Icon.

Xpress Sample Projects

Download and Run these completed DriveWorksXpress projects,

Xpress Getting Started Webinar

This one hour webinar will save you countless hours in the future - a demonstration of DriveWorksXpress with tips and tricks from a DriveWorks Applications Engineer.

Xpress How To Video Clips

These video clips take you through the basic of DriveWorksXpress so you can automate your own SOLIDWORKS models.

Solo Training Webinars

This two part webinar series will help you learn and use DriveWorks Solo, you will see how easy it is to master DriveWorks Solo.

Solo Getting Started Webinar

This webinar is a step by step guide to get you started with DriveWorks Solo, you'll pick up tips and tricks and have the opportunity to ask questions throughout.

Solo How To Video Clips

Check out these 2-3 minute how to video clips to learn how to set up your DriveWorks Solo project and beyond.

Pro How To Video Clips

These quick how to video clips are a quick way to learn how to use the added functionality in DriveWorks Pro.

Webinars & Events

See what industry events we're attending and register for our regular online webinars, reseller events and our annual training conference.

Product Training

Learn more with our product specific training, including webinars, downloads, sample projects, training manuals, help files and forums.

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