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Balconies & Balustrades: Online Configurator

Online presence sets company apart from competitors.

Elite Balustrade sell custom kits for stylish stainless steel and glass architectural components; Juliet Balconies, balustrades and railings. Each order is unique to the particular customer with the length and configuration of components selected, likely to vary for each individual installation.

Managing Director, David Martin explained that from his many years of selling components, he knew that he needed to add value to every deal so that people would choose his firm and his kits, not someone elses.

Having met with his local SOLIDWORKS/DriveWorks reseller, Solid Solutions Management, he saw the potential to build his business through having an online presence that would enable him to handle many more enquiries each day, incorporate his own industry expertise, and deliver something that would set him apart from other component suppliers.

The company website clearly sets out the proposition We design & manufacture stainless steel and glass railing kits to suit your exact requirements ready for easy site installation without any specialised tools or equipment. All our kits can be quickly manufactured and supplied throughout the world to your bespoke specifications.

And what makes the business really special is:All our kits can be quickly manufactured and supplied throughout the world to your bespoke specifications. We offer a unique online quotation system, not only will you receive an instant quotation for your requirements, it is also accompanied by a 3D visualisation of your bespoke design.


Great Response Time and Great Customer Service!

Anyone interested in a balustrade, balcony or railing kit receives an answer to the questions in minutes, leaving them in little doubt that Elite Balustrade are experts in their field, provide great customer service and are the company to buy from!

Formed in 2007, Elite Balustrade show how companies with vision who invest in technology can really drive their business forward. Today the company responds to customer enquiries 24 hours a day via its online presence, which means the company is expanding not just in the UK but all over the world.

Before using DriveWorks we would create 20 quotes in a month, now we can do 20 in a day. The process in the past was labour intensive as prices need to be calculated each time and drawings all had to be prepared manually.

DriveWorks creates the variations for each kit designed and all the accompanying documents. From data entry, to design, to documentation, the customer is guided through the buying process all automatically. Currently 15 documents are created in total for each enquiry, of which 5 are emailed to the customer. These are:

Once the customer has their email with their price, design details etc, it is easy for Elites customer service team to step in, follow up and secure the order. And it doesnt stop there. Because all the requirements were entered in to the online form, and saved in the background, as soon as the customer confirms acceptance of the quote, Elites manufacturing team receives notification that the order is ready for production. They can open up the additional files and documents created by DriveWorks and use those to start manufacturing and assembling the order right away.

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