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As DriveWorks automates SOLIDWORKS, it can help you create a lot of files and data quickly and easily. To help companies manage and organize the files created, DriveWorks has an out of the box integration to SOLIDWORKS® PDM Professional. SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional centralizes the storage of all of your engineering data and related files to give you secure, indexed repository for fast information retrieval and version control, for both minor changes and major revisions, to prevent data loss.

DriveWorks PDM Plugin

The DriveWorks and SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional plugin can either be used in DriveWorks Pro Administrator (in which case it will run as part of the DriveWorks add in inside SOLIDWORKS during model generation) or activated in DriveWorks Pro Autopilot to run as part of the Autopilot function.

SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Client or Editor must be installed on the same machine as DriveWorks.

The SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional plugin is installed automatically when DriveWorks is installed. Full details on how to set it up are included in the DriveWorks Pro Online Documentation.

Checking in Files

The DriveWorks PDM Professional plugin checks-in DriveWorks specification files (.xls and .xml), all documents and their associated .html files. Then, after model generation, the plugin checks-in the models, assemblies and drawings as well as any additional file formats that have been created (.jpg, .eprt, .edrw etc.) . It will also check-in all DriveWorks reports (Release and Model Generation) along with the corresponding style sheet and error.gif.

Find Out More

Download the data sheet to find out more about how the DriveWorks Pro PDM Integration automates the exchange of data between DriveWorks Pro and SOLIDWORKS PDM.

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