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DriveWorks. Concepts.

DriveWorks is proven software that is flexible and scalable

It has been built on a strong technological platform that includes: our powerful rules engine, our intuitive and fully customizable form designer, our workflow and integration capabilities and our ability to automate the creation of data and of documents, automatically. You can learn more about the underlying concepts that make up DriveWorks Design Automation and Sales Configurator software below.

DriveWorks is proven technology that lets you automate your design and sales processes. Generate accurate design, manufacturing and sales documents quickly and easily

Glen Smith – CEO

Design Automation

By capturing and reusing the combined knowledge of your most experienced engineers, you can automate your design processes and reduce repetitive tasks and errors.

Download Design Automation Data Sheet

Design Automation

Sales Configurators

An online sales configurator created with DriveWorks software enables your sales teams, distributors, dealers and even customers to easily configure and view your products in 3D on any device.

Download Sales Configurator Data Sheet

Sales Configurator Data Sheet

Rules Engine

If you can define your knowledge and intent as rules, you can use the rules to make relevant decisions and perform actions in DriveWorks.

Form Designer

When you use a configurator to specify what you want, the experience needs to be obvious and intuitive.


Use workflow to decide who can do what and when! Manage tasks and set up approval processes.

3D CAD & 2D Drawings

DriveWorks automates the creation of SOLIDWORKS 3D parts, assemblies and drawings

Quotes & Sales Documents

Respond to enquiries fast with great looking quotes and supporting docments that match your branding.

Integration with ERP, MRP & CRM

DriveWorks Pro provides several methods to make use of existing data within a company.

Integration with PDM

DriveWorks has an out of the box integration to SOLIDWORKS EPDM to help you manage and organize the files created with DriveWorks.

White Paper

See how DriveWorks software is beneficial to real world companies, across many different industries offering configured products.

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