High School Students Complete the DriveWorksXpress Certification!

Recently, Ethan and Alana from the First Robotics Team at Ayer Shirley Regional High School added to their SOLIDWORKS skills by completing the DriveWorksXpress Training and Certification, becoming Certified DriveWorksXpress Associates. They are the first high school students to take the certification and both scored exceptionally high. A huge well done to them and their CAD mentor, Earl.

Get Certified in DriveWorksXpress

DriveWorksXpress is a free design automation tool included in every license of SOLIDWORKS. Become a Certified DriveWorksXpress Associate (CDWXA) to gain the skills you need and work smarter.

Activate to Automate in SOLIDWORKS

Activate to Automate: How to Activate DriveWorksXpress, the time-saving Design Automation tool free inside SOLIDWORKS.

DriveWorks Presentations at SOLIDWORKS World 2018

Over the course of SOLIDWORKS World, you’ll join more than 5,000 of your peers and select from more than 200 breakout sessions on a range of topics. Make sure you learn about design automation and CPQ. Even if you’re already automating there’s always something new to see and learn!

DriveWorksXpress Learning Resources

Learn more, achieve more with the resources we’ve created for DriveWorksXpress. Use them to learn how to use our free design automation tool and make the most of your project.

Activate DriveWorksXpress Inside SOLIDWORKS

DriveWorksXpress is our free design automation tool included in every license of SOLIDWORKS. DriveWorksXpress is installed and ready to use under the SOLIDWORKS tools menu. To get started automating your SOLIDWORKS designs, all you need to do is activate your free license.

Engineers: Gain a New Certification and Improve Your SOLIDWORKS Skills

DriveWorksXpress is a free design automation tool included in every license of SOLIDWORKS. Complete the DriveWorksXpress Certification to improve your SOLIDWORKS skills and learn about design automation – essential knowledge for all engineering professionals as design automation becomes the norm. Become a Certified DriveWorksXpress Associate in just 3 steps, in 3 hours!

Automate with DriveWorksXpress and Save $500 when you Upgrade to DriveWorks Solo

Automate for free with DriveWorksXpress inside SOLIDWORKS, then upgrade to DriveWorks Solo in September or October 2017 and save $500.

How Lukasz Landed a Job After Becoming a CDWXA

After completing the DriveWorksXpress Training and Certification, Lukasz improved his employability with new skills that enabled him to impress in an interview and get the job he wanted.

Students: Improve Your Employability with an Extra SOLIDWORKS Certification

Did you know you can get an additional qualification to improve your SOLIDWORKS skills and engineering knowledge? This free certification, for all engineering and design students who have access to SOLIDWORKS, gives you new skills to add to your résumé and opens doors in a competitive jobs market.

Students: Use Our Free Resources to Help You Gain a New SOLIDWORKS Skill

Students: we want you to succeed and we’ve provided all the resources you need to easily complete the DriveWorksXpress Training and Certification and gain this valuable new skill to take into industry.

SOLIDWORKS Students: Improve Your Skills with the New DriveWorksXpress Certification

More and more companies are adopting design automation techniques to save time, reduce repetitive engineering tasks and minimise costly errors. Design automation is becoming the norm and engineering graduates can gain the skills they need by completing the DriveWorksXpress Training and Certification.

How to Activate DriveWorksXpress in SOLIDWORKS How to Activate DriveWorksXpress To activate DriveWorksXpress inside SOLIDWORKS and start automating your designs, follow these quick and easy steps: Step 1 Open SOLIDWORKS Step 2 Go to Tools, Xpress Products, DriveWorksXpress Step 3 Click on the link for to get your free activation code for DriveWorksXpress. Step 4 Copy the DriveWorksXpress activation code. [...]
Rolmaster Conveyors DriveWorksXpress Case Study Rolmaster Conveyors create customized and cost-effective conveyors using DriveWorksXpress. Since 1946, Rolmaster Conveyors has been designing, building and maintaining cost-effective conveyors and speciality handling equipment for a wide range of industrial manufacturing sectors. Their range of products includes roller belts, chain or wire mesh conveyors, complex lifts, turntables and transfer systems, which are all manufactured [...]
DriveWorks Products Comparison

DriveWorks software is scalable with three different product levels, DriveWorksXpress, DriveWorks Solo and DriveWorks Pro. See a comparison of each product, their features, benefits and a quick overview video here.

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