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Creating a Custom Agricultural Silo Configurator with DriveWorks Solo

Tom, a Product Design placement student at DriveWorks was tasked with creating a configurator for a custom agricultural silo, using DriveWorks Solo inside SOLIDWORKS. In this blog, Tom summarizes what he did, how he did it and the things he learnt along the way.

What Can You Do With a 30 Day Free Trial of DriveWorks Solo?

Use DriveWorks Solo to reduce the cost of custom designs, respond quickly to sales inquiries, enhance product quality & reduce repetitive tasks. Follow our top tips to make sure you get the most out of your 30 Day Free Trial of DriveWorks Solo.

Try DriveWorks Solo Free For 30 Days

Use DriveWorks Solo to reduce the cost of custom designs, respond quickly to sales inquiries, enhance product quality & reduce repetitive tasks. Learn more about what can be achieved in 30 days with the DriveWorks Solo free trial using our wide range of resources.

New DriveWorks Solo Certification

We have revamped the DriveWorks Solo Certification and made it available to anyone with DriveWorks Solo, including the 30-day trial. Take your knowledge further with the free DriveWorks Solo Certification. Complete the exam in less than 3 hours to learn more about design automation and add an extra certification to your CV.

Positioning Form Controls in DriveWorks Solo

DriveWorks Solo includes tools to help you quickly position your Form Controls. Find out more about the tools available and how to use them when designing your forms in DriveWorks Solo.

How FIRST Robotics Teams Save Time with Automation

FRC teams use DriveWorks Design Automation software to complete the design stage quicker, start building sooner and get a head start on other teams! They can quickly and easily make changes to designs and save time, freeing up team members to focus on quality robot design.

DriveWorks Supports FIRST速 Robotics Competition

We want to help even more students learn extra skills that will help them in future STEM careers. We are now a FIRST速 Robotics Competition Sponsor. Teams can now request a free 12-month license of DriveWorks Solo.

Improving Your Model Generation Using Intelligent File Naming

DriveWorks Solo offers the ability to take complete control over the naming and location of your generated files. File naming is an important consideration when planning an implementation, and DriveWorks provides complete flexibility in how files are named. Learn how to use Intelligent File Naming in your DriveWorks Solo projects.

DriveWorks Solo Tech Tip: Capturing Assembly Structure

Before capturing your Master Models Assembly Structure inside DriveWorks Solo, you need to decide which components need to be captured, and how to capture them. The first question you should ask is, do any new models need to be created based on this component? Check out this tech tip blog to learn more.

Creando Un Configurador De C叩maras Frigor鱈ficas En Cuatro Pasos – De Origen

Este blog tecnico de Origen explica todo que necesita saber de crear un proyecto configurador en DriveWorks Solo. Probar DriveWorks Solo 30 d鱈as gratis!

Automatically Generate More Than SOLIDWORKS Files in DriveWorks Solo

Along with generating new SOLIDWORKS Parts, Assemblies and Drawings, you can set up your DriveWorks Solo Projects so generated SOLIDWORKS files are saved in additional file formats. You may want to create a PDF version of a SOLIDWORKS Drawing so it can be sent to a customer, or you may require a DXF of a part for manufacturing.

DriveWorks Solo Tech Tip: Using Tabulated Data

In DriveWorks Solo, using tabulated data helps to keep your projects tidy while allowing available options to change depending on previous user inputs. Linking Form Controls to tabulated data also makes your projects more flexible as updating the table data will be mirrored by the associated controls.

DriveWorks Solo Tech Tip: Dynamic Forms

In DriveWorks Solo you can create intelligent, dynamic forms to aid guided selling and improve user experience. It’s easy to create intelligent, dynamic forms by linking Form Controls together, usign Control Properties to change positions, visbility, values and selections.

DriveWorks 16 Now Available!

DriveWorks 16 was released on the 25th April 2018. Make sure you’re on the latest version to take advantage of the enhancements and new features we’ve added to DriveWorks 16.

DriveWorks Solo – Save with Our 3 for 2 Offer

Create and configure custom products inside SOLIDWORKS速 quickly and easily with DriveWorks Solo. Reduce the cost of custom designs, respond quickly to sales inquiries, enhance product quality and reduce repetitive tasks. Automate SOLIDWORKS with DriveWorks Solo and save $3600 when you buy 3 licenses.

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