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New in DriveWorks 17: Task Status Outputs

Specification Macros are one of the ways you can customize your workflow in DriveWorks. They are a series of tasks that run when triggered, based on rules. In DriveWorks 17 we added more ways to control your workflow by adding more status output navigation connection points to Specification Macro Tasks. Learn more about Task Status Outputs and how you can use them in your DriveWorks projects.

Check Out Our Updated Configurator Examples!

Our product configurator examples on are a great way to see whats possible with DriveWorks. They show how versatile and customizable DriveWorks is and provide great inspiration for your DriveWorks projects. Weve recently added some new product configurator examples and updated some of our existing ones, check them out!

What’s New in DriveWorks 17 Webinar Series

In this Whats New in DriveWorks 17 series, Mike Loftus, our Technical Specialist, will show whats new, exploring the new features and enhancements in our latest release. In the following weeks, Mike will take a closer look at the new functionality in DriveWorks 17 including; Design Automation, Usability and User Experience, Scalability and DriveWorks 3D.

Tech Team Thursday Webinar Break

Whilst our Tech Team are busy preparing technical training sessions for DriveWorks World, were taking a break from our Tech Team Thursday webinar series. Well be back after DriveWorks World with a great new series including new and exciting content! This is a great opportunity for you to catch up on any sessions you may have missed by visiting the technical webinar library in the DriveWorks Community.


DriveWorks configurator software is the ultimate choice in 3D CPQ for SOLIDWORKS. The ability to configure, price and quote easily has become essential for manufacturing companies of all sizes. DriveWorks configurator software enables businesses to set up a configurable 3D CPQ solution that engineering and sales teams can use.

Video: Ian’s Review of DriveWorks 16 SP2

As DriveWorks 16 SP2 was released last week, Mike Loftus, Technical Specialist at DriveWorks caught up with our longest serving member of the team, Ian Yates to get his opinion on the new features in this latest service pack. Ian talks about the updates to 3D in DriveWorks, new information tips, enhanced web service integration and improved pack & go.

Video: Q&A with Ian Yates

Mike Loftus, Technical Specialist at DriveWorks caught up with our longest serving member of the team, Ian Yates to get his opinion on how DriveWorks has changed as a product and as a company, our vast technical documentation, the great enhancements made in DriveWorks 16 and using DriveWorks alongside SOLIDWORKS.

Providing Quotes and Technical Drawings within Minutes, Anytime, Anywhere, Any Day with DriveWorks

F.H.Brundle wanted a software that would allow customers to configure systems to their own dimensions, creating accurate quotes and detailed drawings in minutes, saving their customers hours of work and helping to eliminate mistakes. By using DriveWorks Pro to power Liveconfigurator, F.H.Brundle are building customer loyalty, increasing sales and avoiding mistakes. Detailed quotes and drawings for each custom order are created within minutes anytime, anywhere.

New: Reporting Tech Stack

The Reporting & Diagnostics Tech Stack showcases the tools in DriveWorks that make it easy to set up and maintain your own DriveWorks Configurator. All reporting and diagnostic tools are in-built and require no setup.

New: Automating CAD Tech Stack

The DriveWorks Automating CAD Tech Stack showcases the underlying technology in DriveWorks that makes it possible to save time and reduce errors by automating repetitive CAD design tasks. See how you can use the functionality in DriveWorks to automate SOLIDWORKS.

New: DriveWorks Forms Tech Stack

The DriveWorks Forms Tech Stack showcases the underlying forms technology in DriveWorks that makes it possible to create a custom UI. See how you can use the functionality in DriveWorks to create configurator forms that meet your specific needs.

New: DriveWorks Rules Tech Stack

The DriveWorks Rules Tech Stack showcases the underlying rules technology in DriveWorks that makes it possible to create an intelligent solution. See how you can use DriveWorks to create a design automation and sales configurator solution that meets your specific needs.

Shotton Group Reduce Time Taken to Produce Sales Documents from Half a Day to 30 Minutes Using DriveWorks

Shotton Group are a family owned business with four divisions operating across Australia. In 2010, the company founded Shotton Lifts, becoming the only local manufacturer of residential, commercial and disabled access lifts in Melbourne, Australia. In this case study, we’re looking at how they’re using DriveWorks to configure their custom lifts and to produce sales documents quickly.

Digitising Bridges: An Integrated Digital Delivery Process Using DriveWorks and SOLIDWORKS

Recently, Laing ORourke collaborated with Tony Gee and Partners and Cambridge University to develop a unified digital delivery process for the bridge industry. The project configures bridge designs from a set of key inputs and a library of parametric components. The design configuration tools, created using SOLIDWORKS and DriveWorks, provide a smoother digital process for the design, manufacture and assembly of components, which reduces the time it takes to complete a bridge.

Configure Your Own BBQ Skewers Using DriveWorks

At DriveWorks, we love hearing about the creative ways that our customers and resellers are using the software and we regularly blog, tweet and write case studies about their DriveWorks projects. Recently Cadmes, a DriveWorks reseller based in The Netherlands, got in touch with us as theyd thought of a really creative and fun idea for a DriveWorks configurator.

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