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Phoenix Mecano Improve Customer Satisfaction with DriveWorks

The Phoenix Mecano Group is a global company, headquartered in Switzerland, with a presence in 48 countries worldwide. The company design and manufacture a range of products including Industrial Enclosures, Assembly and Positioning Systems and Motorised Drives. The group has 8 global manufacturing locations, with India being a strategic sourcing hub for the last 27 years.

We recently caught up with Prashant Malavankar, Engineering Head at Phoenix Mecano India Pvt Ltd, to find out how DriveWorks has improved their design process.

Using DriveWorks, Phoenix Mecano India has developed a CPQ solution for their product line of Ex enclosures that are used in explosive atmospheres. The design of these products differs depending on their specification, with every product undergoing customer-specific customization when it comes to machining and population of components.

Before adding DriveWorks, the engineering team at Phoenix Mecano would configure each individual project, including all the components, only using SOLIDWORKS. Based on the bill of materials output derived from each new specification, costing would then be calculated using an excel spreadsheet.

This was a lengthy process that Phoenix Mecano wanted to automate.

The key driving forces for implementing DriveWorks were to bring in speed, accuracy, and automation in the offer making process, as well as to improve lead times through an optimized OTD cycle.

With the CPQ solution developed in DriveWorks, response time has been improved and customers can expect a much shorter lead time on their requests for a quote.

As DriveWorks automates SOLIDWORKSoutputs, Phoenix Mecano has also used DriveWorks to automate drawing creation. Customers now receive an automated drawing along with their quotation, which enables them to better visualise the purchased product.

Phoenix Mecanos customers are not only receiving their quotations much faster because of DriveWorks, they are also receiving their ordered products much faster because manufacturing lead time has been significantly reduced.

This has created a much better end to end customer experience.

When asked what limitations DriveWorks Pro has helped Phoenix Mecano to overcome, Prashant highlights that:

DriveWorks has enabled his Application Engineers to have better visibility while they are configuring an end solution for Phoenix Mecanos customers.

When discussing their implementation, Prashant also adds that DriveWorks is user friendly and works seamlessly with SOLIDWORKS.

We look forward to following Phoenix Mecanos journey with DriveWorks!

For more information about Phoenix Mecano and their products, visit

Suitable for Any Industry

DriveWorks product configurator software is used by companies of all sizes. It’s suitable for any industry where quotes or 3D files and drawings are part of the sales to manufacturing process.

See how versatile and customizable it is by having a go with our online configurator examples on

Cubis Systems Improve End User Experience and Speed Up Generation Time with DriveWorks

Cubis Systems, headquartered in Northern Ireland is the global leader in Composite Access Chambers and Cable Protection Systems. The company exports to over 30 countries worldwide from operations in 7 manufacturing sites in the UK, Ireland and Australia.

Cubis products are installed in telecommunications networks, alongside railways and motorways, on wastewater treatment works, in power stations and more.

Cubis Systems purchased DriveWorks after identifying a growing demand for bespoke products and solutions. In responding to this market opportunity, Cubis also wanted to enhance the customer experience by including accurate visuals and sales drawings for these custom orders.

They knew that each customer enquiry could result in requests to generate anything from 2 to 60 different sales drawings. This was creating long lead times between the customers order and the product being manufactured.

Luke Robinson, CAD/DriveWorks Engineer at Cubis shares how theyve solved these issues with DriveWorks.

Starting out with DriveWorks Solo

Cubis Systems started their design automation journey with DriveWorks Solo in May 2018 and implemented the software as a sales drawing configurator.

Their first DriveWorks Solo project enabled them to automate the creation of SOLIDWORKS drawings for their modular chambers and composite access frames and covers.

They then developed the configurator to include other product lines, such as cable protection and internal chamber accessories.

Scaling up to DriveWorks Pro

With the configurator successfully automating SOLIDWORKS sales drawings for multiple product lines, Cubis realised they had reached the limits of DriveWorks Solo and upgraded to DriveWorks Pro in June 2018.

Scaling up to DriveWorks Pro has enabled Cubis to take advantage of the DriveWorks 3D functionality.

DriveWorks 3D Preview

Before using DriveWorks Pro, Cubis didnt have any 3D models they could use for steel fabrication.

All models were in 2D because of the quantity of customer requests, number of parts and the bespoke nature of the products. Cubis made basic 2D drawings and had to rely on their fabricators on the shop floor to produce these.

Cubis has now incorporated the 3D Preview functionality in DriveWorks Pro, as it enables their users to understand what they are configuring and subsequently ordering. DriveWorks now generates 3D Previews of all Cubiss products to give their customers a better feel for their product ranges, improving the end-user experience.

Guiding customers through the sales process is much easier now because the users can physically see how the configured product will look. This even helps identify if a part is going to overlap and therefore shouldnt be placed in a particular position.

Achievements with DriveWorks

Configurator Look and Feel

Since adding DriveWorks Pro, Cubis has vastly improved UI and User Experience. The image to the right compares Cubiss DriveWorks powered forms from 2018 and 2021.

The original form did the job, but was basic in comparison to the improved 2021 form which includes more advanced functionality.

The newer form is also in line with Cubiss company branding, ensuring they remain consistent and recognisable in all areas of their business. This is essential for a global company like Cubis.

Luke highlighted the importance of working closely with the marketing team on form design and UI to ensure that this brand continuity is maintained.

Improving Generation Time

Before using DriveWorks to automate their model and drawing creation, it could take up to 20 minutes to generate a single component. A full system, depending on its complexity, could have taken up to a day to create all the required models and files.

Using DriveWorks has significantly reduced Cubiss generation time, with SOLIDWORKS models and drawings now automatically generating in anything from a few seconds, up to 6 minutes, depending on what is being generated.

One part takes just a few seconds to generate, and a full system containing lots of parts and components can be just 6 minutes.

Automating 100% of Sales Drawing Requests

As of April 2021, Cubis has automated the creation of 15+ different product groups and multiple accessories using DriveWorks. They are also using DriveWorks for almost 100% of sales drawing requests, along with 50% of production drawing requests.

Fast Tracking New Starters

Another benefit Cubis has highlighted since adding DriveWorks is in their training of new starters.

With all the design rules and logic now built into the DriveWorks Configurators by Luke, a recent new starter was able to generate full system drawings via DriveWorks on his second day with the company.

Previous new starters could spend 3 months learning just one product group.

Plans for the Future

Since adding DriveWorks, Cubis has achieved some impressive time savings, but this innovative company dont want to stop there.

The next step of their DriveWorks implementation will allow Cubis to take their DriveWorks powered configurator to their customers, enabling their sales team to generate specifications on site, enhancing customer engagement and experience.

Cubis also plan to take advantage of DriveWorks integration capabilities to integrate with their companys chosen ERP system. This will enable Cubis to automate their part creation process and save even more valuable time.

We look forward to following their progress!

For more information about Cubis Systems and their products, visit

Suitable for Any Industry

DriveWorks product configurator software is used by companies of all sizes. It’s suitable for any industry where quotes or 3D files and drawings are part of the sales to manufacturing process.

See how versatile and customizable it is by having a go with our online configurator examples on

We’ve specialised indesign automation for SOLIDWORKS and helping engineers to work smarter since 2001.
What is design automation and how can you benefit?

Achieve More with Design Automation

Create and Configure Custom Products, Fast.

Offering customized products is a great competitive differentiator. It often leads to more sales, higher revenues, and happy customers. However, with more and more companies offering customization, you need to work smarter than your competitors.

Design automation enables you to turn around proposals quickly, design and manufacture efficiently and deliver on your promises consistently, all whilst maintaining a healthy profit.

Eliminate Errors

DriveWorks rules based SOLIDWORKS速 automation eliminates errors and expensive, time-consuming design changes.

Save Time & Innovate More

Automate repetitive SOLIDWORKS速 tasks and free up engineers to focus on product innovation and development.

SOLIDWORKS速 Gold Partner

DriveWorksXpress, DriveWorks Solo and DriveWorks Pro are certified SOLIDWORKS速 Gold Partner products.

Design Automation

Why Use Design Automation?

Companies offering custom products are often putting their engineers under pressure.They’re squeezed to create proposal documents and drawings as fast as possible. This leads to best guess costings, for orders that aren’t guaranteed.

Engineering departments are wasted on tasks that could be automated. They have less time to re-engineer existing designs, update drawings and carefully check every detail. Jobs are then left open to errors, rework, backlogs and delays. All of this can affect profit margins and damage reputation.

By automating time-sensitive and often repetitive upfront activities, you will reap the benefits. You have more time to innovate and add value to your products, improving your position in the market. You increase throughput and improve quality, enabling you to win more business.

Design Automation and Knowledge Capture

Design practices often evolve through years of industry experience. Companies need capture and re-use the combined knowledge of their most experienced engineers. However, storing and sharing this knowledge with others is difficult.

Inside 3D CAD systems, expert users can add geometric relationships and equation-driven dimensions. This saves time but issues arise when making changes, or adding additional products. Unravelling the complex design references created by others is difficult and time-consuming.

DriveWorks uses a different approach, simple and straightforward rules and decision logic. You can easily capture and reuse your design, manufacturing and cost knowledge to truly automate your business.

Automate Your Business One Step at a Time

With DriveWorks, you can automate as little or as much as you like, and at your own pace.
Start in engineering and add design rules to drive your 3D CAD models. Automatically create detailed drawings and generate Bills of Materials for manufacturing.

Give your engineers more time to focus on improving product quality and developing new products.

Then extend the benefits of automation to your sales department. Give sales a set of custom product options to choose from with guided selling.

Reduce errors and save time with automated quotations and cover letters.

With automation, sales teams become more proficient, customer inquiries are dealt with faster and throughput is increased. This leads to more orders, reduced operational overheads, and better customer service.

Easy to Set Up, Manage and Use

A DriveWorks design automation project is easy to create, maintain and use. No programming skills or consultants are required.

Create and manage your own custom configurator that suits your business needs. You can easily change and grow your project as and when you need to. Create a set of 3D models, design rules, forms and document templates once and use them over and over again.

DriveWorks projects work anywhere on any device on desktop, mobile, tablet, and inside SOLIDWORKS.

Design Automation and Online Sales Configurators

Add your DriveWorks project to your company website as an online sales configurator. Enable your sales teams, distributors, dealers and customers to configure and order customized products anytime, anywhere, on any device. Connect your configurator to your other business systems, such as MRP, ERP, and CRM.

With DriveWorks you can create a full CPQ configurator solution. Cost custom products, determine customer-specific pricing and schedule deliveries based on available resources, inventory levels, and lead times.

Automate for Free

If youve got SOLIDWORKS, youve already got design automation. DriveWorksXpress is the free design automation tool, installed inside every licence of SOLIDWORKS. Find it in the tools menu, activate it and start automating.

Take design automation even further with DriveWorks Solo. Download a 30-day full feature free trial of DriveWorks Solo to see what you could achieve.

What is DriveWorks?

Use DriveWorks to build a design automation and custom online sales configurator solution to suit your business needs.

DriveWorks is ideal for manufacturers who design and sell the same but different products.

Automate the creation of sales quotes, documents and manufacturing data including SOLIDWORKS parts, assemblies and drawings.

Through intelligent rules and logic, DriveWorks eliminates errors and enables guided selling.

Reduce repetitive tasks, errors, and rework, increase sales on a global scale, and deliver custom products in record time.

All DriveWorks products are scalable any design automation project you create using DriveWorksXpress can be seamlessly migrated to DriveWorks Solo or DriveWorks Pro. Add extra capabilities to your design automation projects as and when you need them.

Get to Know DriveWorks

Explore each level of DriveWorks software.

Starting Small with DriveWorksXpress

Use DriveWorksXpress, free inside SOLIDWORKS to automate your Same but Different product designs.

DriveWorksXpress is the easy-to-use design automation tool included inside every license of SOLIDWORKS. Create multiple variations of your SOLIDWORKS parts, assemblies and drawings quickly and accurately.

If you offer many different product options or every customer order is bespoke, DriveWorksXpress helps you capture your design rules, recreate variations of existing designs, reduce repetitive tasks, save time, and improve product quality.

  • One Time Setup – Set up once and run again and again.
  • No need for complex macros, design tables or configurations.
  • Save Time & Innovate More – Automate repetitive SOLIDWORKS速 tasks and free up time to focus on product innovation and development.
  • Eliminate Errors – DriveWorksXpress uses rules to eliminate errors and expensive, time-consuming design changes.

Activate your free license of DriveWorksXpress in the SOLIDWORKS速 tools menu.

DriveWorks Solo

Use DriveWorks Solo to quickly and easily create and configure custom products inside SOLIDWORKS.

DriveWorks Solo iseasy to set up, maintain and use, helping your company deliver custom products faster and with greater accuracy, without using complex macros, design tables or code.

Automate repetitive SOLIDWORKS tasksand free up engineers to focus on product innovation and development.

Reduce the cost of custom designs, respond quickly to sales enquiries, reduce repetitive tasks and enhance product quality.

From one simple input form, DriveWorks Solo quickly generates 3D models, 2D drawings, Bills of Materials, sales quotes, cover letters and more, automatically.

With simple and straightforward rules and decision logic, it’s easy to capture and reuse all of your design, manufacturing and cost estimation knowledge. Generate new variations of your designs with proposal documents over and over again.

Create new product designs and sales quotes quickly using DriveWorks Solo.

  • Eliminate Errors- DriveWorks rules-based SOLIDWORKS速 automation eliminates errors and expensive, time-consuming design changes.
  • Save Time & Innovate More – Automate repetitive SOLIDWORKS tasks and free up engineers to focus on product innovation and development.
  • Easy to Setup, Maintain & Use – Deliver custom products faster and with greater accuracy, without using complex macros, design tables or code.

Get a head start bytrying DriveWorks Solo free for 30 days.

DriveWorks Pro

Use DriveWorks Pro to build your own SOLIDWORKS automation and online 3D product configurator solution.

Suitable for any manufacturer designing same but different products.

DriveWorks Pro is the ideal design automation and online sales configurator solution to help you meet the increasing demand for custom, bespoke, and personalized products.

By enabling your customers to configure products, get instant quotes, and place orders online, and by streamlining many of your time-consuming sales, engineering, and manufacturing processes, DriveWorks Pro gives you a competitive edge and turns mass customization into a cost-effective business strategy.

DriveWorks Pro is structured into individual software modules, each designed to address specific business needs.

Additional modules can be added as and when you need them to extend the benefits of design automation to your engineers, sales teams, distributors, dealers, and customers.

  • Connect sales and manufacturing to deliver custom products faster
  • Ensure customers and sales teams configure the ideal solution every time with intelligent rules-based guided selling.
  • Enable customers and sales teams to configure custom products on any device.
  • Integrate seamlessly with other company systems, helping you work more efficiently and effectively.
  • Rules-based validation ensures you only offer products that can be manufactured, eliminating errors and boosting quality.
  • DriveWorks SOLIDWORKS速 automation eliminates errors and expensive, time-consuming design changes.
  • It’s easy to set up, maintain & use so you can create a custom solution that suits your needs.
  • DriveWorks is flexible and scalable – add to your solution as and when you need to.

Explore what’s possible with our configurator examples on


Free entry level design automation included in every seat of SOLIDWORKS.

Upscale to DriveWorks Solo or DriveWorks Pro anytime.

DriveWorks Solo

Powerful SOLIDWORKS part, assembly and drawing automation.

Download your 30 day free trial of DriveWorks Solo and get started today.

DriveWorks Pro

Complete SOLIDWORKS automation and online 3D CPQ configurator software.

Explore our configurator examples to see how flexible DriveWorks is.

Find Out More About DriveWorks

Get in touch with us to find out more about DriveWorks and take your first steps towards design automation and improving customer experiences.

IMA PG is a leading pioneer in packaging solutions in India. Operating in the pharmaceutical industry, theyve been designing and manufacturing machinery for various pharmaceutical products and tablets since 1961. IMA PG work closely with DriveWorks Value Added Reseller Pelf Infotech Private Limited, based in Pune.

Design to Manufacture Process Before DriveWorks

Before DriveWorks, IMAs design to manufacture process required an engineer to design every part component by changing each dimension manually. They also had to give annotations and dimensions for every view in a drawing sheet. With so much manual input, the risk of costly human error in the design process was high.

DriveWorks is currently used by the engineering team internally and has been implemented in the design process of almost every product range at the company.

Implementing DriveWorks

Introducing DriveWorks has revolutionised the way IMA design their products. They have now configured DriveWorks for layout and component designing.

This means an engineer can now input the requirements for each individual specification into their form.

Once the form is completed, the new model along with its manufacturing data is automatically generated and ready to be sent to the manufacturing floor.

Speeding up the Design Process

Using DriveWorks Automation, IMA can respond to sales enquiries much faster, reducing their lead time significantly, opening up even more sales opportunities.

Cavity Die is a part of the design process that has benefitted particularly from DriveWorks. The Cavities are changed depending on each individual specification, for example they might be round, or an oblong shape.

This process is now specified and controlled through DriveWorks Automation, and the plate size is driven through variable parameters.

The outputs generated by DriveWorks are also now created from the Master Model.

Benefits for IMA PG

Since installing DriveWorks, IMA PG have seen a significant time reduction in their design process.

Before DriveWorks, design time peaked at four days and this has now been reduced to just one day. Costly manufacturing errors have also reduced significantly, and IMA PG are now at 80% drawing accuracy across their product line.

Mr Mayur Patil, Manager at IMA PG says:

DriveWorks has played a crucial role in our day to day work, helping us to achieve two important goals; time saving and accuracy.

Try DriveWorks Free for 30 Days

Get started with DriveWorks. Download and use DriveWorks Solo free for 30 days with the DriveWorks Solo 30 Day Free Trial.

Available to anyone with SOLIDWORKS.

What Can Your FRC Team Achieve with Design Automation?

Design Quicker

Complete the design stage quicker, start building sooner and get a head start on other teams!

Make Changes Easily

Quickly and easily make changes to your design to try out new ideas and suggestions.

Focus on Quality Design

Save time and free up your team members to focus on quality robot design.

FRC 4905 Get Ahead with DriveWorks Solo

FRC 4905 Andromeda One are using DriveWorks Solo to configure and design the initial drive train for their competition robot.

Andromeda One have created a DriveWorks Solo configurator that allows them to choose from a set of parameters including length, depth, height, gearbox, gear ratios and wheel types.

The FRC team make the selections and DriveWorks Solo creates the models based on the options selected.

The CAD models are completed sooner, meaning the hardware team can get started on building the drive train earlier in the build season giving Andromeda One a head start on other teams.

How to Automate

If you already useSOLIDWORKS速 to design your robot, you already have design automation.

DriveWorksXpress is included free inside every seat of SOLIDWORKS. Find it under the tools menu to automate parts of your robot design, save time and reduce errors.

Getting started with DriveWorksXpress is easy and there are many resources available online to help you and your team learn more.

Go Further

As part of the FIRST速 Robotics Supplier Sponsorship, FIRST速 Robotics Competition Teams can now request a free 12-month license of DriveWorks Solo.

Use DriveWorks Solo to automate your repetitive SOLIDWORKS tasks and free up your team and your mentors to focus on quality robot design.

In addition to the software, you will also have access to resources to support your learning, including DriveWorks Solo Technical Webinars, Online Training, How to Videos, Extensive Online Help Files and more.

New Skills & Knowledge

Not only will you improve your robot and the team’s performance, you will also add to your CAD skills.

Working with FRC is part of our commitment to give even more students extra skills that will help them in future STEM careers.

Investing in the future and supporting STEM is very important to us. We launched our DriveWorksXpress Training & Certification Program to help students gain the design automation skills they need and gain a certification to prove their knowledge and skills.

Two students from Ayer Shirley FIRST速 Robotics Team (Andromeda One) were the first high school students in the world to become Certified DriveWorksXpress Associates.

We are excited to be part of the FIRST速 Robotics Competition, supporting teams with useful resources, learning opportunities and new skills.

Request Your License

Activate DriveWorksXpress inside SOLIDWORKS today.
If you want to take design automation even further, request your free license of DriveWorks Solo from our team.

How else are we supporting STEM?

We continue to actively promote and support STEM. The DriveWorksXpress Training & Certification is available completely free to anyone who has access to SOLIDWORKS. Students and professionals can learn DriveWorksXpress and get certified in 3 easy steps.

Our team also attend events to teach students about DriveWorksXpress and to inspire them to follow STEM careers.

Investing in our own team and their future is also hugely important to us. We have an Investors in People Silver Award and every year we take on placement students and graduates across multiple disciplines. Many of our students continue their careers with us and most of our team started their careers here as a student.

Learn More About DriveWorks at 3DEXPERIENCE World

If you are attending 3DEXPERIENCE World in Nashville, take the opportunity to improve your productivity, work smarter and improve customer experience by joining the DriveWorks design automation and CPQ sessions.

Hands-On DriveWorksXpress Training Session

Discover more about the time-saving Design Automation tool you already have inside SOLIDWORKS.

Presented by DriveWorks Technical Specialists: Tom Wormald and Oliver Basma-Lord

Learn from DriveWorks Technical Specialists, Tom and Oliver, how to:

  • Create DriveWorksXpress forms linked to your models
  • Automate SOLIDWORKS geometry
  • Configure model variations based on your rules

See how automation can improve your work, create your own DriveWorksXpress configurator and learn how toget certified to become a CDWXA.

Session Attendee Benefits: We are all busier than ever. If we automate some of our repetitive tasks, we can save time to innovate and be more productive. See how automation can help in your day to day work. Learn how to create a DriveWorksXpress configurator and take the first steps to becoming certified in DriveWorksXpress.

Tuesday, 11th Feb 2:45pm 3:45pm

DriveWorks Configure & Automate

Learn How you can Start to Automate and Configure With DriveWorks

Presented by DriveWorks Brand & Community Ambassador: Heather Hasz

DriveWorks Community & Brand Ambassador, Heather Hasz will be presenting in the Certified Partner Theatre.

DriveWorks rules-based software is proven forautomating repetitive tasks, improving productivity and reducing errors.

Find out more about DriveWorks Solo and learn how DriveWorks customer Detroit Stoker first started learning about DriveWorksXpress at a SWUG meeting and are now applying DriveWorks Solo to benefit their product line.

Monday, 10th Feb 7pm – 7:15pm

Exploring SOLIDWORKS Design Automation

Presented by Computer Aided Technology Sr. PLM Consultant: Derek Lawson

This session will explore “out-of-the-box” functionality in SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional to help users automate portions of their design process without using API. Topics covered will be DriveWorksXpress, Pack and Go, Copy Tree, Treehouse, Equations, and more.

Monday, 10th Feb 4:15pm – 5:15pm

Find us in the 3DEXPERIENCE Playground at booth 412 where we will be showcasing our techonology, previewing What’s New in DriveWorks 18 and talking all things digital transformation, design automation, CPQ and configurators.

See you there!

Showcasing Our Technology, Using Our Technology

DriveWorks design automation and online 3D configurator software allows you to create tools to streamline your design and business processes.

We have developed the softwarespecifically for manufacturing companies.

Over the years, we have added new features and functionality to meet a variety of business and industry needs.

Our goal is to allow you to easily create your own configurators and business tools that are custom to yourprocesses and the way you work.

What makes all of this possible is our underlying technology.

The DriveWorks Tech Stacks are designed to introduce you to the core technologies that make DriveWorks the powerful world-leading software that it is.

Weve even used DriveWorks as the medium to show the technology in action.

All of the Tech Stacks have been created using the DriveWorks Form Designer, they are built on rules and use many other features from our technology capabilities.

DriveWorks Automating CAD Tech Stack

Automating SOLIDWORKS is easy with DriveWorks.

Start by selecting the design details that you would like DriveWorks to control. You can capture dimensions, features, custom properties and more.

Build your design knowledge and rules into DriveWorks.

Create new part, assembly and drawing files automatically, based on your original models and design rules.

There are many benefits to Design Automation:

  • Quick turn around for proposals
  • Automatic proposals free up engineering time
  • More time to innovate, add value, increase throughput and win more business
  • Capture design knowledge
  • Set up the project once, use it over and over again to create new designs
  • Connect sales to manufacturing

Take a look through the Automating CAD Tech Stack to see the features and functionality available in DriveWorks to help you save time and reduce errors by automating SOLIDWORKS.

Learn More

If you’re already a DriveWorks customer, head to the DriveWorks Community to download theAutomating CAD Tech Stack webinar.

Technical Specialist, Mike, takes you through the Automating CAD Tech Stack so you can learn more about theautomation technology in DriveWorks and how you can use it.

See What Else DriveWorks Can Do

Automation is just one of the core technologies that make up DriveWorks software.
See what else you can do with DriveWorks by exploring all of the Tech Stacks.

Showcasing Our Technology, Using Our Technology

DriveWorks design automation and online 3D configurator software allows you to create tools to streamline your design and business processes.

We have developed the softwarespecifically for manufacturing companies.

Over the years, we have added new features and functionality to meet a variety of business and industry needs.

Our goal is to allow you to easily create your own configurators and business tools that are custom to yourprocesses and the way you work.

What makes all of this possible is our underlying technology.

The DriveWorks Tech Stacks are designed to introduce you to the core technologies that make DriveWorks the powerful world-leading software that it is.

Weve even used DriveWorks as the medium to show the technology in action.

All of the Tech Stacks have been created using the DriveWorks Form Designer, they are built on rules and use many other features from our technology capabilities.

DriveWorks Rules Tech Stack

Rules are everywhere in DriveWorks.

You can use the powerful DriveWorks Rules Engine in many different ways.

With DriveWorks, you harness the power of the Rules Engine to automate tasks in a way that best suits your products.

Rules used in DriveWorks can be equations, sums and logical expressions, or even business logic, legislation and product requirements.

Use rules to create quotes for sales to send out quickly in response to enquiries; or for engineers to create new or order-specific custom designs.

When the product design or know how is captured in to DriveWorks, the data required to create the new version is generated quickly and accurately and passed seamlessly from sales, to engineering and then to manufacturing.

Take a look through the DriveWorks Rules Tech Stack to explore the many other ways you can use rules in DriveWorks.

Learn More

If you’re already a DriveWorks customer, head to the DriveWorks Community to download the DriveWorksRules Tech Stack webinar.

Technical Specialist, Mike, takes you through the Rules Tech Stack so you can learn more about the Rules technology in DriveWorks and how you can use it.

See What Else DriveWorks Can Do

Rules is just one of the core technologies that make up DriveWorks software.
See what else you can do with DriveWorks by exploring all of the Tech Stacks.

At DriveWorks, we love hearing about the creative ways that our customers and resellers are using the software and we regularly blog, tweet and write case studies about their DriveWorks projects.

Recently Cadmes, a DriveWorks reseller based in The Netherlands, got in touch with us as theyd thought of a really creative and funidea for a DriveWorks configurator.

CustomizableBBQ Skewers

Having a BBQ with your family and friends is a summer tradition in many countries. It’s a great way to get together, have fun and enjoy delicious food.

Cadmes wanted to show people how versatile DriveWorks software is and what better way than enabling you to configure your own BBQ skewers! Members of Cadmes’ technical team and marketing team have been working with our Technical Specialist, Tom, to create the BBQ configurator and it’s now live and ready to use!

Dennis Lieffering, who is part of the marketing team at Cadmes,told us a bit more about the campaign, its purpose and why they chosea BBQ theme.

“We wanted to create a playful but simple configurator that demonstrates how DriveWorks software can be used for guided selling, designing ‘configure-to-order’ products and to configure, price and quote (CPQ).

As it’s summer, we decided to use a BBQ theme and we selected skewers as they’re a popular BBQ dish that can be assembled in to many variations. The aim of our configurator was to simplify the process of creating a skewer and give users a 3D visual representation oftheir choices.

Users start by selecting the size of their BBQ skewer, either small, medium or large, and then they choose either meat, fish or a vegetarian option. Once both of these fields have been completed, they can use the drop down boxes to add several ingredients to their skewer.

The number of ingredients they can add is determined by the size of the skewer they selected earlier. If they chose a large skewer they can add up to 9 ingredients, a medium skewer holds 7 ingredients and a small skewer holds 5 ingredients.

As they make their selections, DriveWorks automatically updates the 3D model and gives thema visual representation of what their BBQ skewer will look like. Users can also specify how many people will be there and how many skewers they’d like per person.

When they’ve finished configuring their skewers, a shopping list pops us with the quantities of ingredients needed and the price per skewer.

The user is then given the option to send a contact request to Cadmes. If they go ahead, the shopping list is sent to them with a confirmation email and when visiting the customer, our specialist will take a BBQ to the appointment.

We enjoyed creating this fun project and we hope you enjoy using it!”

We really like this creative use of DriveWorks and we hope you enjoy creating your own BBQ skewers.

Click the button below to try it for yourself!

RJ Watson Inc. is based in Alden, NY and focuses on developing structural engineering solutions for the heavy construction industry world-wide. The company delivers a diverse and custom range of products and services including high load multi-rotational bearings, seismic isolation devices, expansion joint systems, noise mitigation materials, and FRP strengthening products for highway and bridge applications.

The Problem

Due to their Civil/Structural Engineering roots, the company had traditionally used 2D design applications for their engineering drawings. General 2D drawings are the requirement and have been the industry standard for decades. In 2013, RJ Watson recognized a potential opportunity to improve their process by leveraging the ability of parametric 3D modeling. Even though each of their bearing designs is custom and built based on application requirements, there is still consistency in the components. Each custom build is essentially a different configuration of something that has already been designed.

While reviewing RJ Watsons process, CADimensions recognized the amount of effort spent toward fulfilling project proposal requirements. In order to be considered for a project, complete 2D product and general purpose drawings along with product specification data is required. Significant engineering resources were needed to fulfill these requirements even though they may not win the business to recoup that investment. This bottleneck hindered their ability to bid on all possible projects and increase the risk of missing deadlines on projects that they were pursuing.

The Tools

RJ Watson invested in SOLIDWORKS to create their bridge bearing and product designs in 3D, and were able to automate the configuration of their assembly models and drawings based on specific bridge requirements with the use of DriveWorks. By implementing these tools, RJ Watson was able to reduce errors associated with product assembly and reduce the amount of time needed for fulfilling project proposal requirements by 50%.

By using DriveWorks to automate the process of creating drawings and elimating the need to adjust based on all custom builds, they were able to increase the number of new project bids, which they expect will yield more business for 2018. The overall process improvement will now support the future growth and goals for the company.


  • Using the right tools to improve your processes saves you time in order to reach your project deadlines.
  • DriveWorks helps automate your processes and eliminate time-consuming custom configuration.
  • Using a parametric tool like SOLIDWORKS will directly impact growth and process efficiency.

Over the course of SOLIDWORKS World, youll join more than 5,000 of your peers and select from more than 200 breakout sessions on a range of topics.Make sure you learn about Design Automation and CPQ. Even if youre already automating, theres always something new to see and learn!

Heres a few of the design automation and configurator presentations that are taking place

DriveWorksXpress – Design Automation for SOLIDWORKS Hands-On

Date:Wednesday 7th February 2018
Time:10:30am 12:00pm
Tom Wormald – Technical Specialist, DriveWorks Ltd
Category:MCAD: Design Automation
Room: 406B

DriveWorksXpress is the Design Automation tool included in every license of SOLIDWORKS. It’s great for creating variations of products that are the same but different. Create a DriveWorksXpress configurator from scratch and start your DriveWorksXpress Certification in this hands-on session.

Learn how to create DriveWorksXpress forms linked to your models, automate SOLIDWORKS geometry and configure model variations based on your rules. See how automation can improve your work, create your own DriveWorksXpress configurator and take the first steps to getting certified.

DriveWorksXpress Essentials Hands-On Lab

Date:Tuesday 6th February 2018
Time:4:30pm 5:30pm
Derek Lawson – DriveWorks Technical Team Leader, Computer Aided Technology
Ryan Dally – Product Manager, Computer Aided Technology
Category:MCAD: Design Automation
Room: 411

This hands-on training will prepare attendees to automate their designs using DriveWorksXpress, which is included inevery seat of SOLIDWORKS. Topics include planning for automation, leveraging your existing models, and growing your automation. Electronic manuals and training files are provided as well as live step by step training.

Free and Powerful SOLIDWORKS Xpress Tools

Date:Wednesday 7th February 2018
Time:10:30am 12:00pm
Justin Maxwell – Senior Application Support Engineer, Computer Aided Technology
Judy Marlo – Application Engineer, Computer Aided Technology
Category:MCAD: Design for Manufacturing / Assembly
Room: 411

This session demonstrates the SOLIDWORKS Xpress Tools. It provides an informative look into tools all SOLIDWORKS users have. Xpress tools are lightweight versions of the larger tool. There are four utilities: are DriveWorksXpress, DFMXpress, SimulationXpress, and FloXpress.

Attendees will learn how DriveWorksXpress can make design changes simple and easy. DFMXpress can help catch mistakes to the manufacturing process. SimulationXpress will determine effects of force, pressure, and generate reports to document results. FloXpress shows how a fluid will flow through a model.

Meet Us!

We attend SOLIDWORKS World every year and the best part is always meeting new people and catching up with familiar faces.

Pop by and see us atBooth #511in the Partner Pavilion to try out our sales configurator software onour kiosk, designed in SOLIDWORKS and made by the DriveWorks team.

Youll also find us at the Annual SOLIDWORKS User Group Network Meeting.

See you in Los Angeles!

In this blog Paul Gimbel, Business Process Sherpa at Razorleaf, discusses how they use intelligent rules in DriveWorks to help their customers extend their implementations.

Its no secret that at Razorleaf, we do a lot ofDriveWorks implementations and every implementation is always the start of something larger for our clients. There is no such thing as a completed automation project because you will always want to add new options, new products, new outputs, just adding more and more value. With every implementation being totally different, how can we help our clients to extend their implementations moving forward? Easy, we use intelligent, generic, reusable rules.

Use Generic, Reusable Rules

I can hear your question right now. Youre thinking, OK, Paul, what in the blazes does that mean? Fair enough. That does sound like a bunch of business lingo bingo. The bottom line is that if we intelligently plan for what we will want to change or grow, we can use functions in DriveWorks that are completely independent of the specific control or variable or SOLIDWORKS dimension that they are determining. Make these rules smart enough and Ctrl+C then Ctrl+V will be all you need to expand your implementation. So at this point, youre either very curious or very confused. Ill try to address both.

First of all, what do we mean by generic? And why do I ask so many questions when Im supposed to be answering yours?

Well, generic rules and functions mean that they can be used for multiple calculations, without being changed. At the root of most of these is the function MyName(). Ever since invertebrates emerged from the primordial ooze, we have been asking for our DriveWorks rules to know who they are. MyName() will return to us (depending upon the rule context) the name of a variable, a control name AND property, or a component path and parameter. So if I want to control a macro button (look, location, function), I can write a rule that knows that buttons name and whether Im looking for its top or width or tooltip text.

Well, thats great, but I often dont want to know something from MyName(), but rather SomeoneElsesName(). Three more functions exist to make this possible. Indirect() is a function brought over from Microsoft Excel that allows us to get the value of another variable. So if I have the value =DWVariableFlowArea, I could also get that using =Indirect(DWVariableFlowArea). Well, thats pretty silly when its a static string, but this allows you to build a string because maybe you dont know if youre going to need the flow area or the flow volume or the flow speed. Indirect will allow us to build the name of the variable and return its value.

Substitute ()

That is where my favorite function (EVER!) comes to light, Substitute(). We can use Substitute() to replace or remove a portion of a string. So I can use Substitute(MyName(), .Left, .Width) to change DimensionImage.Left into DimensionImage.Width. Put that inside of Indirect() and I can have the rule for my left location look for my width, critical if you want to center a control on your form.


And the final link in the chain is ExtractNumber(). If a string contains a number or numbers, ExtractNumber() can return just that number for use in another function. A second parameter exists in ExtractNumber() that allows you to tell the rule to retrieve the 2nd or 3rd (or 8th) number in a string, and with positive or negative, which direction to start counting. .

This means that ExtractNumber() can be used to parse a value like Qty of 9 M8-1.2545 to pull out any value that you like.

So this is where the intelligent planning comes in. Very often, we will want to write a rule that refers to n-1, that is, the variable or control before me. This could be a running total in aBOMor locating controls in a form.

For example, link all of the components listed above and we can use Indirect() to return the value of a control that has the same name that I do, except (here comes Substitute()) the number in the name (theres ExtractNumber()) is one less than mine. Here is one of the most frequently used rules in my forms:

ExtractNumber(MyName(), -1),
ExtractNumber(MyName(), -1) 1)
+ Indirect(
ExtractNumber(MyName(), -1),
ExtractNumber(MyName(), -1) 1)
+ DWVariableControlVerticalGap

Don’t Panic! We’ll Walk Through It…

This rule locates the top of a control based on the location and height of the control before it. The rule simply adds the top location of the previous control plus the height of the previous control plus a gap value.

Heres how it works. We use indirect() twice, to get the top location value, then the height value. The value is MyName(), which lets say is Button9, but we replace the number at the end of my name

[ExtractNumber(MyName(), -1)]

with the number at the end of my name minus 1

[ExtractNumber(MyName(), -1) 1]

So that lets me (Button9.Top) get the top location value of the button before me (Button8.Top). To that, Im going to add the height of the button above me. The method is the same, but this time, after we get the string Button8.Top the way that we did above, were going to use another substitute() to replace .Top with .Height. So now we have the top of the button before me plus the height of the button before me, which is the bottom of the button before me, and add in a little bit of a gap, and presto-magic, you now have this button tied to the button above.

This gets even more helpful when you realize that doing a COPY/PASTE of a control or variable that ends with a number, will create a new control or variable with the number at the end incremented. And since our rule is completely generic, it will automatically work with the new control. Do you need a field of 60 macro buttons? Just create one with all the right rules, and paste away.

(Note: If you copy/paste controls and they do not update properly, save and reload your project. This will often reset the values and make everything right with the world.)

The rules are longer this way. The rules take a bit of thought until you get used to them. But you only need to write them once and you are done. All our implementations use a group table with settings from fonts to paths to colors and database information. Reusing a single rule allows us to retrieve any setting by just having the name of the setting match the name of the variable. So, get started with utilizing generic rules to make your implementation more flexible and more scalable. And extra credit if you combine it with a calculation table. But thats another discussion altogether.

For more information about Razorleaf, visit

P L Custom Body are a custom vehicle manufacturer that were founded in 1946 and are based in Manasquan, New Jersey.

They make type 1 and type 3 ambulances, as well as custom rescue trucks. They have approximately 185 members of staff, 97 of whom work in production, 26 in sales and the rest are engineers, admin and internal sales. They have 17 dealers who cover 29 states and 1 dealer covering parts of Canada.

Theyve been using DriveWorks Pro to automate the configuration process of their custom ambulances. At DriveWorks World 2017, their Engineering Lead, Shawn Casebolt, took the stage to tell us more about how they use DriveWorks.

Why DriveWorks?

When telling people what I do, one of their first questions is always are ambulances different?. The answer is yes they are the same…but different. This is why DriveWorks was such a good fit.

The pictures show just a couple of the light configurations on the front body of some trucks currently in production. We have hundreds of standard options available, but custom work is a whole other subject.

Approximately 23 years ago, we were tasked with getting our designs fully into SOLIDWORKS. We knew that we wanted our engineers to focus on the custom aspects of the design and not the configurable options, so we purchased DriveWorks and began implementation. says Shawn.

Setting Up the Project

We started by laying out what we thought we wanted our model structure to consist of. This was then revised and it continues to be revised as we further develop it.

All part numbers are stagnant and are tagged with a job number. This allows departments such as sales, purchasing and manufacturing to always find what theyre looking for inside our SOLIDWORKS PDM system without having to browse. They can just search and DriveWorks has tagged the job number to the job specific parts so theyre easier to find.

We decided that wed pick our most popular model and begin with the basic exterior frame. Then wed bring more models into the mix based upon their popularity. Once we achieved around 80% of our models (by sales) then we would move on to content.

DriveWorks configured the compartment sizes you see above, as well as the body length and height. These walls all have our custom proprietary extrusions that have been created as weldments in SOLIDWORKS.

The framing drawings and framing assemblies are created by DriveWorks and our purchasing team will always be looking to send the same numbers to the vendor for cutting to satisfy demand for this type of vehicle.

Once we had all of our truck models with framing, we moved on to adding the exterior skins and we used DriveWorks to drive our most popular lighting selections and combinations. Once all of our chassis models were at this level, we moved on to the next phase of the project.

Even small parts, such as door trims, have their own assembly and drawing. But this is simple as DriveWorks is consistent with numbering and allows us to drive the lengths based on door heights. Compartments, like most other items, also have their own sub assembly. These fit into the door openings that DriveWorks is generating in the frames.

TheCurrent Project

This is a screenshot of the DriveWorks form where our engineers input their options. Some options will give them a visual preview of the model, either through an image or by showing them the model. They complete the form based on the contract or specifications for the vehicle and DriveWorks then creates the full assembly structure.

In its current state, DriveWorks outputs 245 files, 60 of which are assemblies, 85 are drawings and the rest are parts files. With DriveWorks handling these repetitive tasks, our engineers are freed up to focus on the customized aspects of our designssuch as the internal cabinets of the vehicle.

The Future

Our primary focus is to increase our content level and our ability for interference detection and to drive purchasing. This will include adding the cots, attendant seats, doors and metal inserts for the cabinets. In the long term future, we will focus on the exterior of the vehicles and all lights, bumpers and other items.

We would like to eventually transition driving all purchasing from our models and being able to utilize DriveWorks for quoting projects. Shawn CaseboltEngineering Lead atP L Custom Body Inc.

Your Future: Automate to Accelerate

By becoming a Certified DriveWorksXpress Associate

Students: If you’re looking to improve your SOLIDWORKS skills over summer, we can help you!

DriveWorksXpress is a free design automation tool included in every licence of SOLIDWORKS. If you’ve got access to an educational licence of SOLIDWORKS, then you’ve got access to DriveWorksXpress!

Becoming a Certified DriveWorksXpress Associate gives you new skills to add to yourr辿sum辿. You’ll also strengthen your existing SOLIDWORKS skills by learning more about an Xpress product – DriveWorksXpress.

We want you to succeed and we’ve provided all the resources you need to easily complete the DriveWorksXpress Training and Certification and gain this valuable new skill to take into industry.

As a SOLIDWORKS user you will always have access to these free resources which you can use to expand your design automation knowledge at any time.

Online Help File

Press F1 in DriveWorksXpress to use the built-in Help File.


Wach our free monthly webinar to learn how to get started with DriveWorksXpress.

Little Book of Rules

Request a Little Book of Rules – a handy guide to writing rules in DriveWorks.

Sample Projects

Download our sample projects to see more industry examples.

How To Videos

Watch short video clips to learn how to use DriveWorks at your own pace.


Add to your knowledge with extra tutorials and videos.

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