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Dolphin Solutions Are Saving Time and Improving Customer Experience with DriveWorks

Dolphin Solutions first purchased DriveWorks in 2017 with the aim of creating an online sales configurator tool that would help them to achieve two key targets; Reduce Design Resources and Create a Great Customer Experience. We recently caught up with Robert Allen, Product Design Engineer and main DriveWorks Administrator at Dolphin Solutions to see how theyve implemented the software over the past few years.

Carrosserie Cazaux are Saving Time by Driving New Variations with DriveWorks Solo

Carrosserie Cazaux are a leading manufacturer of custom-made refrigeration units for carrier vehicles of up to 26 tonnes, as well as containers, cold rooms, trailers and custom units. They are saving time by driving new variations with DriveWorks Solo.

HW Ventilation Benefit From Ten Times Faster Design Time Since Using DriveWorks Solo

Since implementing DriveWorks Solo, HW Ventilation has been able to respond to customer demand faster and with more efficiency, as they now spend a lot less time drawing the same but different designs. Their customers now receive a drawing of the product they require almost instantly, and personalised quotes are sent out much quicker.

Frangus Ltd Cut Design Time from Three Hours to Three Minutes Using DriveWorks Solo

Frangus Ltd, a design consultancy specializing in the design of materials handling equipment, have implemented DriveWorks Solo to automate their SOLIDWORKS design process. They have reduced design time from 3 days to 3 hours and are now able to focus on innovation.

How Hauff Technik Creates 50,000 Unique Items Automatically with DriveWorks

Innovation and customer proximity are important to Hauff-Technik because with 50,000 unique items per year, it’s important they deliver exactly what the customer wants. Hauff-Technik have recently turned to DriveWorks and reduced design time of custom products from 24 hours to 5 minutes.

Why DriveWorks – What Our Customers Say?

DriveWorks is used by manufacturing companies from a range of industries. Its modular, scalable and incredibly versatile so our customers use DriveWorks in many different ways. Read a selection of quotes from some of the case studies weve gathered from our customers.

Saving Time and Focusing on Important Tasks With DriveWorksXpress

Oasis trailers are using DriveWorksXpress to speed up the design of their custom trailers. Before DriveWorksXpress this would be 20 minutes of repetitive work. Using DriveWorksXpress, free inside SOLIDWORKS, they have cut this time down to just 5 minutes at most.

HSI Cranes – Scaling Up From DriveWorks Solo to DriveWorks Pro

After purchasing DriveWorks Solo, HSI Cranes created their first project and soon realized they wanted to create a customer-facing online tool, and therefore upgraded to DriveWorks Pro. End users are so happy and HSI are able to make the most of their new sales tool. The company already have plans to expand and improve their project further.

IMA PG Speed Up Design Process and Reduce Costly Errors Using DriveWorks Pro

IMA PG is a leading pioneer in packaging solutions in India. Since installing DriveWorks, their design time has reduced from 4 days to just one day. Costly manufacturing errors have also reduced significantly, and IMA PG are now at 80% drawing accuracy across their product line.

Our Customers and Their Continued Success

Over the past few weeks, weve been hearing from our customers who have been embracing change and thriving as a result. Whether theyre changing their manufacturing to provide much-needed supplies, working on new product ideas, or using this time to improve and work on projects they dont usually have time for, many of our customers are focusing on moving forward and working smarter.

Driving Revenue With a DriveWorks 3D Configurator

DriveWorks customer, WeatherGuard are using our software not just as an engineering automation tool but to drive sales and also generate more revenue than ever before.

Industrial Magnetics Enhancing Their Automation Journey Through DriveWorks

DriveWorks customer, Industrial Magnetics are using our software astheir design automation solution, enhancing their automation journey with SOLIDWORKS and moving beyond engineering.

Why DriveWorks? – What Our Customers Say

DriveWorks is used by manufacturing companies from a range of industries. Its modular, scalable and incredibly versatile so our customers use DriveWorks in many different ways. Read a selection of quotes from some of the case studies weve gathered from our customers.

Providing Quotes and Technical Drawings within Minutes, Anytime, Anywhere, Any Day with DriveWorks

F.H.Brundle wanted a software that would allow customers to configure systems to their own dimensions, creating accurate quotes and detailed drawings in minutes, saving their customers hours of work and helping to eliminate mistakes. By using DriveWorks Pro to power Liveconfigurator, F.H.Brundle are building customer loyalty, increasing sales and avoiding mistakes. Detailed quotes and drawings for each custom order are created within minutes anytime, anywhere.

Shotton Group Reduce Time Taken to Produce Sales Documents from Half a Day to 30 Minutes Using DriveWorks

Shotton Group are a family owned business with four divisions operating across Australia. In 2010, the company founded Shotton Lifts, becoming the only local manufacturer of residential, commercial and disabled access lifts in Melbourne, Australia. In this case study, we’re looking at how they’re using DriveWorks to configure their custom lifts and to produce sales documents quickly.

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