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What more can I do with DriveWorks Solo – Upgrading from DriveWorksXpress

So, you have pushed DriveWorksXpress to its limits, and now you might be wondering, “What more can I do?” DriveWorks Solo is the next step in Design Automation and automating SolidWorks. With lots more functionality that you won’t find in DriveWorksXpress, we’ve highlighted the main differences between Xpress and Solo below.

Form Designer

One the major differences that you will see between DriveWorksXpress and DriveWorks Solo is the advanced form designer. With the advanced form designer, you can create visually stunning projects that give you more freedom than the linear single form of DriveWorksXpress. With DriveWorks Solo you can include multiple form and you can base the navigation from one form to the next based on rules. Your forms can include images that update dynamically and a wider range of form controls that can all be positioned and aligned to create great looking forms.

The two images below are taken from our configurable wheelchair project. The one on the left is from our DriveWorksXpress project, the one on the right from DriveWorks Solo. The functionality in the DriveWorks Solo form designer means the form is more appealing and easier to understand with visual prompts and customisable control placement guiding the user through the options.

Proper comparison

Furthermore with form navigation in DriveWorks Solo you can set the path from form to form, as shown below. This means the user can be simply guided from one screen of to the next in an appropriate order without seeing all the options at once. You can even include descisions so that you can chose which forms are displayed.

Form Navigation

Truck Doors

To see what you can design with DriveWorks Solo why not take a look at our brand new DriveWorks Solo examples?

Advanced Model Control

With DriveWorks Solo, you have the ability to control and drive a much larger variety of SolidWorks features such as colours materials and textures. Furthermore with DriveWorks Solo you can control multiple sets of models in a single project, perfect for larger projects. Models in an assembly can be replaced with known and driven alternatives as shown here by the door selection option.

Here at DriveWorks, we think the best way for you to understand how our software works is to use it. So why not download a trial of DriveWorks Solo and take a look at the trailer project.

Controlling SolidWorks Drawings

With DriveWorks Solo, your control over SolidWorks drawings is greatly expanded. Using Solo it is possible to create multiple drawings for each part and assembly as well as control layers, sheet scale, annotation position, break-lines and  much more.

Check out the differences between DriveWorksXpress & DriveWorks Solo below.

List of Drawing control diff


Covering letter

Built in Templates

DriveWorks Solo comes with a built in set of XML templates for your Quotations, BOMs and covering letters.

This allows you to automatically generate documents based on rules. These documents are stored alongside your project files.

Working with Data

DriveWorks Solo lets you take data from excel or from an internal data table and use it to power your forms. List of customers and addresses? No problem. With DriveWorks Solo you can copy and paste this information in to a DriveWorks Solo table, use it in your rules and to drive the results in your output documents.

Working with rules

With over 180 engineering, mathematical and scientific functions, and the ability to use variable too, the DriveWorks Solo Rule Builder is more powerful and has greater capability than the one in DriveWorksXpress.  DriveWorks Solo even includes Rules Analysis and Rule Breakdown so you can easily validate your rules as you build your project and make sure that you set up your project correctly.



To download your 30 Day trial of DriveWorks Solo please click the link below.

DriveWorks SOlo trial

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