The Story of the ‘Same But Different’ T-shirts

The Story of the ‘Same But Different’ T-shirts

September 4th, 2015 / Posted by Danielle Brown

Last week Phil, our Tech Team Manager, returned from his vacation in the Far East.

He had a great time and visited some beautiful destinations so we were all really keen to hear the stories from his trip.

The best story of all was that of the t-shirts that Phil discovered on his travels…

Phil was walking past a street seller when he spotted a blue t-shirt that said “SAME SAME” on the front. Intrigued he then spotted a red one with the words “BUT DIFFERENT” on the back.

‘Same But Different’ is a phrase that we use a lot at DriveWorks because automation is ideal for companies who design products that are the ‘Same but Different’. So when he saw these t-shirts, Phil just couldn’t leave without bringing them back to the Barley Store!

The t-shirts really caused a stir, and lots of laughter in the office. The t-shirts are perfect, especially in the DriveWorks colours!

same but different pic

Some photos from Phil’s travels, we’re all very envious of the beautiful places he saw!

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