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The DriveWorks Christmas Tree: Day Twelve

This year our Christmas tree is decorated with the faces of our team members.
Each day we will be taking a look at who’s on the tree and finding out more about how they spend the holidays.

Meet Kris, Lucy and Wesley


My favourite thing about Christmas is seeing my family and friends and watching people open the awesome (and often offensive) presents I’ve bought them.

Over the Christmas period, I’ll be partaking in a couple of friends Christmas parties and will be wrapping my presents with my 3 favourite Christmas films on in the background (Die Hard, Lethal Weapon and Bad Santa, thanks for asking).

The highlight of the year so far has been taking up squash. I also enjoyed holidays and mini-breaks this year in the Lake District, Leeds and Menorca (or is it/was it Minorca?). I Googled it, I actually went to Mallorca. It was good.


In my house Christmas is about spending time with family and friends while enjoying a few glasses of mulled wine by the fire.

On Christmas Eve the tradition is to watch a film (usually Elf or The Grinch) and then head to the pub. Christmas day is a very lazy day so our Christmas Dinner is always in the evening.

One of my highlights from 2018 was graduating from University with a first as well as starting a new job at DriveWorks, just in time for the Christmas party!

In 2019, I’m really looking forward to starting new projects at DriveWorks and hopefully fitting in a holiday!


My favourite part of the Christmas is the fooood!!! Especially tasty roast turkey with all the trimmings for Christmas dinner.

We have a family tradition of going to the pub just before lunch time for a few beers before coming home and sitting down as a family for the evening meal.

A highlight from this year was going on a track day with a voucher that I got for my birthday. I drove some fast, expensive cars around a racetrack with racing advice and tips from some race car drivers.