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The DriveWorks Christmas Tree: Day Fourteen

This year our Christmas tree is decorated with the faces of our team members.
Each day we will be taking a look at who’s on the tree and finding out more about how they spend the holidays.

Meet Jessica, Lauren and Mark


I love Christmas and I’m usually the person feeling festive in early October! I have a big family so Christmas time is usually pretty hectic and I have many nieces and a nephew which makes it all very exciting.

We always go to the pantomime on Christmas Eve, this year it’s Cinderella. The theatre has fake snow falling as you walk through the entrance, it’s magical and the children love it. Maybe we will be lucky enough to get some real snow this year!

I love the excitement of Christmas Day, we all open our stockings as soon as we wake up but have to wait until after breakfast to open the rest of our gifts. My mum makes us open our presents one by one, starting from youngest to oldest so she can see what we have all received, this means it takes ages to open our presents but it’s good to make them last!

We like to go for a walk before dinner, especially if there have been new bikes, doll prams or scooters that need to be tested out! Then we spend the rest of the day playing games, eating and drinking.


My favourite things about Christmas are the endless amounts of food and drink that get consumed guilt-free and decorating the house.

This year we’ve managed to get Christmas in every single room of the house (including the bathroom and bunny room!).

I really enjoy buying presents for everyone and usually spend a little bit too much money.

We always make sure all the animals in our families get presents to open too, and those willing to dress up usually get a Christmas outfit.

A highlight from 2018 was a weekend away in Buxton with my closest friends which was full of laughs, food, drink, sightseeing and bike rides.

In 2019 we’re hoping to do the same but at a different location.


My favourite day of the year is Christmas Eve. I do a pub crawl with my friends wearing Christmas jumpers. I also love watching Harry Potter on Christmas day!

The holiday period is just a great time for eating, drinking and seeing friends and family.