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The DriveWorks Christmas Tree: Day Eight

This year our Christmas tree is decorated with the faces of our team members.
Each day we will be taking a look at who’s on the tree and finding out more about how they spend the holidays.

Meet Mike, Ollie and Phil


This year I will be decorating my house for Christmas for the first time!

I’m going to be finding the most obnoxious flashing lights I can and covering my house in them! I can’t wait!


This Year, my Christmas will be completely different.

I’ve been with my partner Ffion (She’s Welsh; pronounced Fee-On) for 4 years and this is the first year we are spending the Christmas period together.

We will be at Ffi’s parents house, eating a turkey that was reared by her best friend’s dad (he’s a farmer).

It is also our first year living together on our own.

My highlight of this past year was graduating from university and beginning my life as a fully grown adult.

The big bonus of this year was being offered a job at DriveWorks.

My Christmas will be filled with rum, cheese, meat and games!

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and may the food and booze be plentiful!


Christmas for me is all about catching up with friends and family. I’m lucky enough to still be best friends with all the people I went to school with and Christmas is generally the only time we are all back in Carlisle. We always arrange to go for a walk in the Lake District which usually ends in us getting drenched in the rain and this year we are planning a winter cycle ride.

I’m mainly looking forward to New Year celebrations this year as my friends and I have hired a big house in the Lake District that sleeps 20 people. We will be having a party to welcome in 2019 and looking forward to the year ahead.

This year I’m hoping Santa will replace my old TV with a shiny new one to watch the last season of Game of Thrones on.