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Meet the Team: Tom – The Most Yorkshire Member of the Team

Get to know the team behind DriveWorks.

The DriveWorks team is rapidly growing, from being a small three man team 14 years ago, we are now outgrowing the biggest building on our Laskey Farm site and moving into the smallersurrounding buildings!

DriveWorks wouldn’t be such a great place without the people that make up our team.

In this series of Meet The Team blogs, you’ll meet the people behind our company, including lots of new team members joining us very soon…

Next to give their story is Tom, or most Yorkshire member of the team – and there’s tough competition for that title at DriveWorks!

Tom is currently at DriveWorks doing a placement year as part of his university course. He is studying for a degree in Automotive and Motorsport engineering at the University of Huddersfield.

So, let’s meet Tom…


Driffield, east Yorkshire

Interesting fact:
I recently bought my first motorbike and, to my mother’s dismay, I have definitely caught the bug. I absolutely love it!

Motorbikes, running, going to the gym, playing rugby. I play for my university team but I haven’t had chance to play this year due to being so far away.

rugby ballThree words your friends would use to describe you:
Easy going

Time at DriveWorks:
Almost 12 months, time flies when you’re supporting DriveWorks!

Best thing you have done in that time:
The summer party was awesome. It was really nice weather and the barbecue was great!

What do you enjoy about DriveWorks?
Thework atmosphere. not only are you part of a great team who work together to get everything done to such a great standard but everyone is so friendly and up for a laugh.

Favourite DriveWorks 12 feature:
My favourite DriveWorks 12 feature is the Change Specification Owner task. Despite it only being a small feature, it opens up a wide range of possibilities when it comes to specification Flow and security.

Favourite overall DriveWorks feature:
It’s got to be Specification Flow. There’s nothing you can’t do! (Well, maybe a few things!)


Applications Engineer

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