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Meet The Team: Phil – Our Injury Prone Tech Team Manager

Get to know the team behind DriveWorks.

The DriveWorks team is rapidly growing, from being a small three man team 14 years ago, we are now outgrowing the biggest building on our Laskey Farm site and moving into the smallersurrounding buildings!

DriveWorks wouldn’t be such a great place without the people that make up our team.

In this series of Meet The Team blogs, you’ll meet the people behind our company, including lots of new team members joining us very soon…

The next team member to give their story is Phil, our injury prone tech team manager.

So, let’s meet Phil…

Carlisle, Cumbria

Interesting fact:
Aged 13 I was ranked number one in the world for a combat flight simulator.

SPORT! Although as everyone in the office would tell you I should probably give it up as Im constantly injured in some way.

But I love football and Manchester United and have recently bought a road bike. With summer on the way I have been going out for weekly rides with some of the other DriveWorks team members.

I also love marathon watching TV series. Ive recently finished Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead and of course Im up to date with Game of Thrones, although I havent read the books so no spoilers please!

JetThree words your friends would use to describe you:

What was your dream job when you were a child?
Fast Jet Fighter Pilot in the RAF. I actually applied for the job when I was still doing my A-Levels but failed the medical due to suffering from hayfever.

How did you end up at DriveWorks?
Whilst at University we were encouraged to take a year in industry.

Having applied for a number of placement positions, DriveWorks offered me an interview. I got the job (yay) and completed my placement year then returned to University.

Whilst back at University in my final year I still worked roughly 1 day a week doing tech support to keep my knowledge up to date.

Once I had completed my degree, Glen and Maria were kind enough to offer me a full time role, and the rest as they say, is history.

clockTime at DriveWorks:
183,600,000 seconds
or 3,060,00 minutes
or 51,000 hours
or 2125 days
or 303 weeks and 4 days
or 5 years, 9 months and 25 days

What do you enjoy about DriveWorks?
Working at DriveWorks is fantastic. Everything from the amazing people you get to work alongside, through to the office building itself just makes it a great place to come and work every day.

Phil Signature1

Technical Team Manager


Favourite DriveWorks 12 feature:
Model Insight.

We first had a tease of this from our developers way back in DriveWorks 9 but with technological barriers that took some time to remove, it is now just making its mark, starting with parts in DriveWorks 12.

Its fantastic to see it now in the product and it really opens up new possibilities for our customers to know exactly what DriveWorks is doing with their models.

Favourite overall DriveWorks feature:
It has to be the Form Designer for me.

The tools that the development team have put into the form designer over the years make it easy to use but at the same time, a very powerful tool.

You just have to look at Configure My Product to get an idea about what is possible with the Form Designer.

Best thing you’ve done at DriveWorks:
The best project Ive been a part of was when we first created DriveWorks 7, we were testing out the SDK and I worked with one of our developers to create a working version of Space Invaders in a DriveWorks form.

I still have the project and it still works in DriveWorks 12!

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