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Meet The Team: Joe – DriveWorks’ Only Cello Player

Get to know the team behind DriveWorks.

The DriveWorks team is rapidly growing, from being a small three man team 14 years ago, we are now outgrowing the biggest building on our Laskey Farm site and moving into the smallersurrounding buildings!

DriveWorks wouldn’t be such a great place without the people that make up our team.

In this series of Meet The Team blogs, you’ll meet the people behind our company, including lots of new team members joining us very soon…

Next to give their story is Joe, the person who has had the most cars at DriveWorks and is our only cello player.

Joe is at DriveWorks because he applied for a placement as part of his MEng Mechanical Engineering degree. He came for interview and accepted the job offer a couple of days later.

So, let’s meet Joe…

Washington, UK ( as in where George Washington’s ancestors lived!)

Interesting fact:
I competed in the national UK athletics competition doing triple jump, hurdles and shot putt when I was younger. Now I get a stitch reaching for the remote sometimes how time changes

Cars! And fixing them.

Im 21 and have owned:
– 1988 Classic Austin Mini
– Mazda rx8
– now Im on to a Clio 182 because the rx8 was costing me 贈85/week in petrol.
Id love a Supra or 350z next or maybe build a classic Mini to be 4wd.

I play the cello in the Manchester Universities Choir and Orchestra Society for which Im also the webmaster.

What was your dream job as a child?cello
Police interceptor driver or a brain surgeon.

Three words your friends would use to describe you:

Time at DriveWorks:
50 weeks

Favourite DriveWorks 12 Feature:
It’s all about Calc Tables!

Favourite overall DriveWorks feature:
Time saving! I just think it’s brilliant that DriveWorks can be used by so many people I could randomly contact 100 engineering companies that use SOLIDWORKS and most would have a use for it.



Applications Engineer

What do you enjoy about DriveWorks?
I really enjoy the people and atmosphere everyone is really friendly and the area is really nice to work in.

What’s the best thing you’ve done at DriveWorks?
I wore a pink suit to the Christmas party which was awesome! I did get a lot of weird looks though.

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