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Meet The Team: Ian – The First Ever DriveWorks Employee

Get to know the team behind DriveWorks.

The DriveWorks team is rapidly growing, from being a small three man team 14 years ago, we are now outgrowing the biggest building on our Laskey Farm site and moving into the smallersurrounding buildings!

DriveWorks wouldn’t be such a great place without the people that make up our team.

In this series of Meet The Team blogs, you’ll meet the people behind our company, including lots of new team members joining us very soon…

Next to give their story is Ian, who was the first ever DriveWorks employee when the company began back in 2001.

Ian worked with Glen on automating the sales and design process at his previous employer and then joined DriveWorks as our first ever employee.

So, let’s meet Ian…


Interesting fact:
I was once (mistakenly) picked out, by an elderly lady, at a police identity line up. The local police station used apprentices to assist in identity parades, for which we were paid 贈10!!

Have you ever had any other unusual jobs?
I was part of the rapid response fire team at the place where I was an apprentice. The place was that big it had it’s own fire department!

soccer44Three words your friends would use to describe you:

I have been manager of a junior football team for 7 years.

Open_book_top_view_512Time at DriveWorks:
Very nearly 14 years!

Best thing you have done in that time:
Authored The Little Book of Rules.

What do you enjoy about DriveWorks?
Seeing all our products (and the team!) develop.

Favourite DriveWorks 12 feature:
Model Insight This feature is very new but will be essential for debugging model generation.

Favourite overall DriveWorks feature:
Really like the look of the new skins available for DriveWorks Live.



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