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DriveWorks Webinar Marathon – What would you like to see?

The final webinar of 2012 has now taken place andwill be back again after a short break in 2013. We’ve had some great feedback so far about the DriveWorks Webinar Marathon Series:

“Nice job! Thanks a ton for putting this on!” – A DriveWorks Customer

“I really enjoyed learning more about the specification flow process. But it’s also great to see another person’s approach on similar things that I’m working on” – A DriveWorks Customer

“These webinars are very useful, the proof : the webinar “Funk Up Your Forms” gave me the possibility to improve the form of one of my projects, and we won it! An enormous thanks to all the DriveWorks team!” – A DriveWorks Reseller

Over the festive period we are taking a break from the Webinar Marathon,but will be back withnew presentations for 2013.

Now we need your help!

We’d like your suggestions please. Are there any areas of the software you’re notsure about, topics you want to learn more about or any other features in DriveWorks you’d like us to present.

Click on the link below to leave us your suggestions and we will try to include them.

Suggest Topics

Thank you!

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