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DriveWorks Christmas Countdown – 8 Days To Go

This year we are continuing our christmas tradition with a DriveWorks count down to Christmas. We will be celebrating this festive season with a closer look at all members of the DriveWorks team and learn a little bit about the way they spend the holidays.

8 Days to Go!


I’m a huge fan of Christmas! But this year we’re having to delay Christmas until boxing day (26th), because my wife is a nurse and she is working in the local hospital on Christmas day looking after premature babies.

My 5 year old son is extremely excited about Christmas this year, and can’t wait to see what Santa is going to bring him. My 2 year old daughter is just enjoying the advent calendar chocolates each morning.

One of my highlights of 2019 was going to Chicago for DriveWorks World, it was a fantastic event and Chicago is a wonderful city. I had a great time.

Wishing everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!


With a young family, my partner and I are starting our own Christmas traditions. It’s interesting how different Christmas Day is in different households.

For me growing up, it was: Stocking, Breakfast, visit other family members, back home for Christmas Dinner, Queens speech and then presents. To my partner this was totally alien. Her Christmas was a free for all, rip presents open as soon as they wake and stuff themselves full of chocolate throughout the day.

Although the day itself was very different from our families, the excitement we both felt as kids is what we want our children to feel. So we’ll both takes bits of our childhood Christmas Days, create our own and Christmas Day, remembering the most important point is that our children feel this is our families traditions and that it’s magically exciting for them.


2019 is now almost done and dusted!


This finishes a series of 10k runs and a crazy Half-Marathon going up and down hills in the middle of Yorkshire. “It will be fun” they said, well… it really wasn’t… but I’m glad I did it!


I’m now looking forward to spending time in France to see my Friends and Family and celebrate it all with some mince pies I’ll bring along!


Oh and let’s not mention good resolutions, these never work!

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