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DriveWorks Christmas Countdown – 11 Days To Go

This year we are continuing our christmas tradition with a DriveWorks count down to Christmas. We will be celebrating this festive season with a closer look at all members of the DriveWorks team and learn a little bit about the way they spend the holidays.

11 Days to Go!


IT’S CHRISTMAS! My favourite part about Christmas is the lovely food buffets and cheeseboards. This is made better with the company of my lovely family (optional).

This year I am going to be at my girlfriends for Christmas. Christmas dinner will be cooked in an AGA which makes everything 100 times tastier.

This year I asked Santa for parts to build my own Arduino Robot! I am excited to learn a little programming to make the robot do some cool things.

A highlight this year was DriveWorks World! It was so good and all the people who attended had interesting things to share about DriveWorks and their companies.

In 2020, there is a new Cricket league being setup called ‘The Hundred’. I’m hoping to go to a few games and enjoy the classic English sport.

Have a great Christmas and a happy New Year all!


For me, Christmas means escaping to the Austrian Alps to go skiing with my family and friends. I am topping it up this year with a trip to the French Alps for Rise Festival too!


My highlight for this year at DriveWorks was DriveWorks World, going over to Chicago and presenting a variety of topics was awesome. This was what I was looking forward to most at the end of last year and it didn’t disappoint.


My second highlight was actually being able to talk about the new Live Licensing and seeing how people have used the API after doing all the testing and having to keep my lips sealed.

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