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DriveWorks Christmas Count Down – 19 Days To Go

This year we are continuing our christmas tradition with a DriveWorks count down to Christmas. We will be celebrating this festive season with a closer look at all members of the DriveWorks team and learn a little bit about the way they spend the holidays.

19 Days to Go!


Halloween and Christmas have to be the best times of the year. There’s no horrible sun being warm and there’s lots of special foods to eat!


Also – I don’t know if anyone knows this advanced technique – but you can sit on your sofa with a duvet and nobody can say anything bad about it.


Gather all treats, pets and other warm things and just hold up there as long as you can – bliss!


Christmas is my favourite time of the year. I love the festive season because it means I get to spend more time with family. I will be spending Christmas at home this year with my wife. We will be visiting family over the Christmas period, so I can’t wait for that. I love giving people presents and watching everyone open their gifts.

This year has been a busy year. A highlight from this year was taking a trip to San Francisco and then spending a week in Hawaii visiting friends. This was a great trip, I got to see a lot of San Francisco and Hawaii which is amazing.


My favourite part of Christmas is going round for breakfast and opening presents at my parents house. We usually have either pancakes or a full fry up before opening up presents with the whole family.


The alcohol usually starts pouring early too and then we just hang out the whole day and have Christmas dinner later on.


It’s just an entire day of eating and drinking, it’s fantastic.

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