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DriveWorks Christmas Count Down – 16 Days To Go

This year we are continuing our christmas tradition with a DriveWorks count down to Christmas. We will be celebrating this festive season with a closer look at all members of the DriveWorks team and learn a little bit about the way they spend the holidays.

16 Days to Go!


My favourite thing about the festive season is spending time with my family.

I love the traditional turkey dinner on Christmas day.

Every Christmas we walk to the local pub for a dinner time drink with the family!


To truly enjoy the spirit of Christmas, Sophie believes you need to follow the steps below.


Sophie’s Six Steps to Enjoying Christmas:


  1. Be around people (and animals) you love
  2. Put some extra festive music on (All the classics)
  3. Get the pets involved. (No to silly costumes!! but yes please to chasing tinsel and helping you wrap/unwrap a few presents – finally those claws can come in handy!)
  4. Absurd Christmas films like Jingle all the way should be watched to remind you that Christmas isn’t just something you buy in a shop
  5. After the haze of a massive dinner and probably a few too many drinks go out for a short walk in the cold to liven yourself up and then settle in for the Christmas TV specials
  6. Remember it is only ONE day in the whole year so embrace it and have fun!
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