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DriveWorks Pro – SP 3 Latest Service Pack Now Available

All DriveWorks Customers on Subscription and allAuthorized DriveWorks Resellers can download the latest Service Pack for DriveWorks Pro from the DriveWorks Customer and Reseller Portals. Details of new and enhanced functionality can also be found in the DriveWorks Help File.

Highlights include

Integrated Support for SolidWorks Enterprise PDM
Service Pack 3 of DriveWorks now includes fully integrated support for SolidWorks Enterprise PDM providing SolidWorks Enterprise PDM client is installed on the same machine.

More Advanced Feature Parameters and Documentation for Advanced Feature Parameters
DriveWorks 7 introduced advanced feature parameters for certain types of feature. Service Pack 3 more than triples the number of supported features and adds documentation to help in their use.

New Functions in DriveWorks Projects
New functions that can be used in DriveWorks Projects

Report Viewer
The report viewer in DriveWorks has been significantly enhanced to make it easier to read, and also provides support for searching the data in the report.


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