Tech Team Thursday Webinars are Back

Our Tech Team Thursdays are a great opportunity to take a closer look at specific aspects of DriveWorks functionality and go beyond what you learn in the DriveWorks Pro Training and Certification. In the coming weeks, the Tech Team Thursday webinars are advanced technical sessions, created for Digital DriveWorks World 2020. The presenter will be joining the session for a live Q&A.

Working From Home & Embracing Digital

The DriveWorks team have now all been working from home for 8 weeks. Our investments in technology and our commitment to digital transformation means our transition to home working has been smooth and we have remained open and operational throughout. With a new software release, an online training event and lots more going on, our team have really embraced this time as an opportunity to improve, create and innovate.

How Manufacturers are Pulling Together in the Fight Against COVID-19

Coronavirus has had an impact across the world and whilst it’s a hard time for everyone, in the midst of the chaos and disruption, we have seen people coming together and making a real difference. There has been an amazing response to thegovernment call for help to build ventilators, provide PPE and manufacture COVID-19 testsfrom a wide range of industries. We take a look at the incredible response from manufacturers, businesses and individuals everywhere.

Custom Picture Frame Configurator – DriveWorks Pro Example

Personalised and custom products are becoming the norm. Manufacturers using DriveWorks rules-based software can embrace digital transformation to improve customer experiences and make selling custom products quicker, easier and more profitable. Explore our example picture frame configurator to see how you can use DriveWorks and the power of 3D for online sales and digital manufacturing.