Join Our CPQ Template Webinar

On Thursday 2nd November, our Product Manager, Matt, will be presenting a Tech Team Thursday webinar about the new DriveWorks CPQ Template. The template, built on DriveWorks functionality, makes it easy for manufacturing companies to reap the benefits of guided selling and CPQ, quickly.

An Introduction to the DriveWorks CPQ Template

DriveWorks configurator software enables businesses to set up a configurable 3D CPQ solution that engineering and sales teams can use. CPQ solutions are built on rules, workflow, user interface and integration. These are the core technologies that have underpinned DriveWorks since the software was first introduced to the SOLIDWORKS market in 2001. With our goal of ease of use, weve created a specific CPQ template, built on DriveWorks functionality, to make it easy for manufacturing companies to reap the benefits of guided selling and CPQ quickly.

PS DOORS Triple Throughput and Provide Custom Drawings Quickly Using DriveWorks

Since acquiring DriveWorks, PS DOORS’ throughput has increased by 300% while their design team has only increased by 25%. This is due to DriveWorks enabling them to do more with less.

A Great Week on the Road for DriveWorks’ Heather

Last week, Heather from the DriveWorks team was on the road completing a SWUGN tour of the South and Southwest USA. She’s back in the office after a busy week and we caught up with her to find out more about her tour.

The DriveWorks Award for SOLIDWORKS Group Leader of the Year

During the SWUGLe event at SOLIDWORKS World 2017, we announced our second annual award for SOLIDWORKS Group Leader of the Year. The winner was Jeff Holliday, the Mid-Atlantic Region Independant SOLIDWORKS User Group leader. Now the search is on for our next winner!

Configurable Ice Creams at CAD2M Live

Back in August, we showed off an impressive Magnum configurator, created by CAD2M, a DriveWorks reseller based in The Netherlands. Now, CAD2M have taken the project even further with yet more creative ways to use DriveWorks that they unveiled at their recent customer day, CAD2M Live.

P L Custom Body Inc. Automate the Configuration of Their Custom Ambulances Using DriveWorks Pro

P L Custom Body are a custom vehicle manufacturer that were founded in 1946 and are based in Manasquan, New Jersey. Theyve been using DriveWorks Pro to automate the configuration process of their custom ambulances. At DriveWorks World 2017, their Engineering Lead, Shawn Casebolt, took the stage to tell us more about how they use DriveWorks.

A Riveting Aircraft Project at the Dassault Syst竪mes 3DExperience Lab

Last week we blogged about our CEO, Glen, and Vice President, Maria, visiting the new Dassault Syst竪mes 3DEXPERIENCE lab in Waltham. They saw plenty of cool projects and machinery, including a Zenith CH 750 cruzer aircraft kit that was being assembled by SOLIDWORKS engineers and professionals.

Visiting the Dassault Syst竪mes 3DExperience Lab in Waltham

Last week our CEO, Glen, and Vice President, Maria, travelled to the USA to spend time at SOLIDWORKS HQ. Whilst they were there, Terry Mccabe, who is part of the SOLIDWORKS Partner team, kindly offered to show them around the new 3DEXPERIENCE lab.

Activate DriveWorksXpress Inside SOLIDWORKS

DriveWorksXpress is our free design automation tool included in every license of SOLIDWORKS. DriveWorksXpress is installed and ready to use under the SOLIDWORKS tools menu. To get started automating your SOLIDWORKS designs, all you need to do is activate your free license.

Join Us at CAD2M Live

Maria and Glen from the DriveWorks team are attending CAD2M Live, which takes place on Thursday 12th October 2017 at the Midden Nederland Hallen in The Netherlands.

SOLIDWORKS Sponsor DriveWorks World 2018

This year, we’re celebrating 10 years since SOLIDWORKS chose DriveWorksXpress as the design automation tool of choice for SOLIDWORKS, including our technology as standard in every license of SOLIDWORKS. Were thrilled that 10 years on, SOLIDWORKS still see the value in our technology and will be sponsoring, attending and presenting at our annual technical event!

DriveWorks Quick Tips

Learn the Quick & Easy Way with DriveWorks Quick Tips – our new library of videos that quickly and clearly demonstrate a variety of features in DriveWorks. Designed for users of all levels, everyone can find something useful in these videos. Whether youre looking at whats possible with DriveWorks, need a refresher on a feature you have not used in a while, or you are learning it for the first time, the Quick Tip videos take you through the process. Each video is less than 90 seconds so you can get up to speed quickly.

MechFuse 2017 – A Fantastic Design & Engineering Summit!

Last week our CEO, Glen Smith and VP, Maria Sarkar, attended the Alignex MechFuse design and engineering summit in Minneapolis. The summit blended together new technologies, forward-thinking manufacturing strategies and educational sessions into one event.