Concept2Design SolidWorks Training There's just over a week until the CADDedge Concept2Design SolidWorks training event at Foxwoods, Connecticut. Chris and Gemma from the DriveWorks Sales and Marketing team will be there for both days of the event. Pop over to the DriveWorks booth and say hello! If you haven't registered yet, there's still time. CADDEdge have provided a [...]
Develop3D Live 2014 – 15h April – Registration Open!

DriveWorks is proud to announce that we will once again be Silver Partners at this year’s Develop3d Live. DriveWorks will be at the event at Stand 34 showing off the very latest version of our ‘Configure & Automate’ Software, DriveWorks 11. Delevlop3D is the leading magazine for the 3D industry, tracking the development of essential technologies from product development through to fabrication. Introduced in 2012, Develop3D Live hosted at Warwick University, in the UK has been an outstanding success with industry experts from around the world sharing their experience along with the fantastic Develop3D editorial staff. If you couldn’t make it to last year’s event why not come along this year.   Check out Glen Smith DriveWorks CEO’s talk from last years I am sure that this year will be even better, featuring some great keynotes and as ever some fantastic workshops. So book your tickets now to avoid disappointment! To learn more and register for Develop3d Live visit   

DriveWorks Solo – What can I do in 30 days?

DriveWorks Solo is a powerful Design Automation Add In for engineers using SolidWorks. It is used by design engineers across many industries to reduce repetitive design tasks and automate the generation of new models in SolidWorks. DriveWorks can also help companies respond quickly to sales enquiries. DriveWorks Solo can be downloaded and used for 30 days to automate a SolidWorks Model or even just part of your SolidWorks Project. If you are new to DriveWorks then you might be wondering, how do I use DriveWorks Solo? And importantly, just what should I do with my 30 days? Follow the DriveWorks Training Tutorial The first thing that you will want to grab along with your Trial copy of DriveWorks Solo is the DriveWorks Solo Training Guide. In this guide you will be given all the instructions you need to create a new project, in this case a wooden door! With your DriveWorks Training Guide at your side and your copy of SolidWorks and DriveWorks Solo installed you can begin. Start by creating a new project. This is a simple process that is fully explained in the Training Guide (page 12), but if you would like a more visual guide to creating new DriveWorks Solo Projects then check out the YouTube Channel. Check out our YouTube Channel  Our How To Video Clips are really useful for any SolidWorks Engineer that wants to see what’s involved in Design Automation. We have several playlists guiding you through how to set up a new DriveWorks project and provide a great reference point for your first 30 days. Click the photo below to access the DriveWorks YouTube Channel Attend a Getting Started Webinar Our Webinars provide a valuable overview of what’s involved with automating the generation of new designs using DriveWorks Solo. For the beginners, there is the DriveWorks Solo Head Start Webinar which covers: • How to capture the parameters in your design that you want to control • How to create a good looking and intelligent user interface to specify your products • How to build rules that link the form inputs to the captured parameters that control your designs Click the title above to register for a Getting Started Webinar. DriveWorks Solo Training Sessions If you are looking for some more in-depth training then each …

SolidWorks Secret tip – Save time with DriveWorksXpress

If you design and sell products which are slightly different for each order then you could be saving a huge amount of time with this simple tool built in to SolidWorks. DriveWorksXpress is a free design automation tool found free in every seat of SolidWorks and should form a part of any SolidWorkers armoury. With SolidWorks at your fingertips it’s possible to automate drawings, parts and assemblies with just a few simple steps. The first thing to do is to open up your version of SolidWorks 2011 or newer and open the SolidWorks Tool bar and open DriveWorksXpress. Once DriveWorksXpress is open you can go ahead and create a new project, your project will be comprised of your SolidWorks model and the rules that you will create for it. Now your database is open, you can begin to add your models and start capturing the assemblies and parts. With your assembly or part captured, now you can learn how to capture and drive a specific dimension for automating. It is also possible to automate features of your DriveWorks models as is shown in the video above. Now you have captured the features, it might be worth capturing some custom properties which can beuseful for linking annotations to drawings this allows you to drive the text that will be added to your drawing borders or notes. Capturing a drawing allows you to create new drawings variants from your SolidWorks Drawing files. The video below shows you how to import a drawing and then create a rule linking this to new part or model variations. Now we have captured and created rules for our model and drawings, it is time that we move on to creating the form that you will need to fill in to create new variations. With DriveWorksXpress this process is a simple one with our simple form designer. Below is a playlist with all the videos you will need to create your form allowing you to capture the information to create a new variation.

The end of Windows XP – 5 Reasons to upgrade!

When Windows XP first launched in 2001, 12 years ago, the DriveWorks journey was just beginning. Since then DriveWorks, and the world of computing, has come a long way. In 2001, the recommended requirements for running Windows XP were a measly 300 MHz processor and 128mb of ram. Today, most phones have specifications that can easily outpace these specifications. DriveWorks is now on version 10, having added 3D previews, custom form designer and online integration along the way.  Despite the release of 5 versions of Windows since 2001, Windows XP still remains the second most used operating system globally. In April this year, Windows will officially stop supporting the Windows XP platform, even for critical security issues. For anyone still running Windows XP, here are a few reasons why it really is now time to upgrade. Security As mentioned above, support for XP will end in April. This should be particularly worrying given that in December 2013 alone, three “critical” security flaws, which allowed attackers to remotely run malicious software on the machines, were patched in XP. From April Microsoft will no longer do this. Some companies will no doubt attempt to paper over the cracks by disconnecting those machines that are running XP from the external network, this still however leaves these machines vulnerable to viruses that are found in the company intranet or even on a USB Stick. What this all means, is that after April, any web connected Windows XP machine is like an open door, ready to warmly welcome any malicious code. Data Protection Related to the first point, decreased security makes data increasingly vulnerable. This poses a problem for businesses financially (as important customer data can be stolen) and also legally, as sensitive data must be protected by law. Simply put, any data that is stolen from your network comes under your legal jurisdiction and must be protected as such. Latest Technology                          Perhaps the most important reason for any business to upgrade their machines besides security, are the latest features that are found on newer versions of Windows and other programs too such as SolidWorks and DriveWorks. These new versions not only run at higher speeds, they also offer more functionality and improved usability. For example the inbuilt support for 3D printing found in Windows 8.1 might be attractive to some companies …

Beacon – DriveWorksXpress Webinar – 9th January 2014

DriveWorks is pleased to announce that Beacon our value added reseller in India, will be hosting a Webinar as a part of a series of Webinars designed to help you make the most out of the tools you have in SolidWorks. If you: Make products that are the same but different. Have repetitive design tasks that can be automated. Could define your products by a set of rules. Then this DriveWorksXpress webinar might help you to drastically improve your productivity through design automation. If you have SolidWorks then you already have DriveWorksXpress and this Webinar takes you through some of the steps involved in automating your design process with DriveWorksXpress. In the Webinar you will learn… How to capture the parameters you want to control How to create a simple form to specify your products  How to build rules that link the form inputs to the captured parameters that control your designs You will see how you can start automating YOUR designs straight away. In the mean time you can take a look at our DriveWorksXpress YouTube channel or visit our website.

Models On Your Mobile

Following on from last week’s mobile article, we thought we would run through just a few of the ways that you can access 3D models on your mobile device. There are mobile applications for iOS and Android for both DriveWorks and SolidWorks. Here’s a quick overview of each one. eDrawings The SolidWorks eDrawings application is available on both Android and iOS for just a small price and allows you to take your 3D and 2D product designs and documentation with you. There are a number of interesting uses for eDrawings that make it a must have for any SolidWorks user, especially those who like to travel with iPad in tow. One of our favourite features is the augmented reality feature. For those who aren’t well versed in the world of techno babble, this allows you to use your camera toting device to overlay a 3D model on a real word environment. I tried it out while I was writing this and as you can see below, the results are impressive and tend to talk for themselves. This app isn’t just for fun though. There are some interesting and innovative usage scenarios. For a Sales person trying to explain a model on the go, the ability to add some scale to their dazzling 3D models is sure to turn a few heads. We also particularly enjoyed the animation of our model drawings which whizz the user round the drawing and the specifications.         DriveWorks 3D viewer The DriveWorks 3D application is available for iOS, Android and for the Surface and other Windows tablets. DriveWorks 3D allows you to view 3D previews of models that have been specified when using DriveWorks as a Configurator Online using your tablet or smartphone.  What’s more, the app is free! For those who haven’t used DriveWorks Live before, this means you can configure new models using DriveWorks and then view them in glorious 3D on your mobile device. So for example if you are an iPad fanatic, you can configure the product you want and then use the app to view the model in detail. You can even share it to your favourite social media site. So if you have just configured a particularly nice photo frame you can share it with your friends. If you would like to download the app just search …

3D Printing – What’s next?

Learn about the future of 3D printing.

Comparing DriveWorksXpress with SolidWorks Design tables

DriveWorksXpress is the free Design Automation tool included with every seat of SolidWorks and is a great way to save a little time every day. Automate repetitive design tasks. Re-use existing designs. Generate new SolidWorks parts and assemblies quickly and easily. You might be thinking that while this all sounds great, you have been using design tables in SolidWorks to save some time already. Well, here are 5 reasons FOR choosing DriveWorksXpress over design tables : File size – File Size – DriveWorksXpress creates new files, which keeps file size to a minimum. Ease of Use – Control Assemblies, sub assemblies and parts from one user interface without the need to open up each one to update its design table. Scalability & Share with Others –  DriveWorksXpress allow colleagues with SolidWorks to create Parts, Assemblies and Drawings too by filling out a simple form.  Others do not need to know how you set it up, or which Assemblies and/or parts to open up and modify to get the desired results Automated Drawings – Update drawings for parts and assemblies quickly and easily. Rules Driven – Use Rules to determine which calculation or value is required to drive a given parameter. Rules and calculations that affect multiple parts and assemblies are easily linked in the DriveWorksXpress rule editor The best part is that if you already have SolidWorks, then you already have DriveWorksXpress! You can find DriveWorksXpress inside SolidWorks here: Check out the DriveWorksXpress YouTube channel for How to Video Clips and you’ll soon be saving time! For more information visit or contact your local SolidWorks Reseller.

Solid Solutions SolidWorks 2014 Launch Event – Thursday 7th November 2013 – 08:45-16:45

With SolidWorks 2014 being released imminently, many of our Resellers have opened their doors for you to come and see the new features in SolidWorks 2014. Solid Solutions is once again holding a spectacular event. Building on Sir Ranulph Fiennes inspirational presentation in 2013, this year, Olympic Gold Medal winner, Chris “the Professor” Boardman, MBE, will be presenting at the event and sharing stories about his experiences as a cyclist at the cutting edge of technology. Chris will forever be remembered for his stunning performances in the 1992 Summer Olympics where he famously rode the iconic British made Lotus 108 to victory. His focus on detailed preparation and innovation also informed his time as the leader of the British Olympic R&D team in Beijing. This team, along with Chris’s help, would became the most prolific British Cycling team of all time. Attendees will also have the chance to hear from SolidWorks CEO, Bertrand Sicot who will no doubt be a key player in what is a truly impressive line-up for the event. Of course along with the guest speakers there will be time for you to explore what’s new in SolidWorks 2014. DriveWorks will exhibiting at the event so visit our booth and try out our Design Automation and Sales Configurator software. It’s also a perfect opportunity to get some advice from one of Solid Solutions’ DriveWorks experts. The event will be held at Heritage Motor Centre in Gaydon, Warwickshire, which means that during the break from all the SolidWorks and DriveWorks action you can peruse some of their 300 strong car collection, including the Aston Martin DB5 which appeared in James Bond’s SKYFALL™.The model on display was the actual car that was used for many of the driving sequences in the film which stars Daniel Craig as 007. If you can’t make the event in Warwickshire Solid Solutions are also holding launch events in Yeovilton, Southampton, London, Durham , Cambirdge and York. For more details on how to register for the event or any of the other events, please visit:

DriveWorks Live Month – Configure a Server Rack

DriveWorks can be used as a Configurator by anyone! With DriveWorks Pro your company can run projects like those featured on   This week we will be looking at the DriveWorks Live Rack Configurator example. This example yet again shows off some interesting ways of using DriveWorks Live including the ability to easily add new products, the flexibility of DriveWorks visualisation and the ability to up-sell on configurable items. Feature 1 – Data Driven Configurable Products DriveWorks makes it easy for your company to maintain its catalogue of products on-line without the need for constantly re-designing your website. As DriveWorks can import your product information from an easy-to-update table, your products are always up-to-date! With the correct information anyone from your company will be able to update your products.   Feature Number 2 – Intuitive Up-Selling With DriveWorks, you can create an intuitive user interface where the user is led through the sales process. First they choose their products and then select any add-ons that they wish to purchase; as shown above. This enables your company to easily up-sell and add value to your customers’ requests.         Feature 3 –  Flexible Visualisation  With DriveWorks you can not only see your configured item in both 2D and 3D but you also have the option to move these server racks in to different positions. Allowing you to see how it would look in each configuration. Rather than a simple, static picture this feature allows your customer to not only configure their product specifications, but also the design. All of this was created in our form editor and can be easily edited to update the pictures involved.     If you would like to know more about how DriveWorks can help your company please visit our site: 

Introduction to DriveWorks EPDM integration Webinar – October 17th

The next topic in the DriveWorks Webinar Marathon is Introdcution to DriveWorks EPDM intergration and will take place on Thursday 17th October at 4pm (BST). An introduction to using EPDM with DriveWorks. This webinar looks at the settings required to use the EPDM integration as well as tips and tricks to make sure all your files are correctly checked in and checked out when required. For more information on EPDM integration take a look at our great blog post detailing the basics of EPDM integration:  To sign up for this webinar go to: The DriveWorks User Community – for all DriveWorks customers with a valid subscription support contract. The DriveWorks Reseller Community – for all DriveWorks VARs.

DriveWorks at CAD2M – “Successful Innovation is done in a team”

DriveWorks will once again be in attendance at the CAD2M Customer event and SolidWorks 2014 Launch.

DriveWorks Solo – Custom Hydraulic Cylinders

DriveWorks Solo Sample Projects are a great way for you to test out DriveWorks functionality. Here is an already built project for a Hydaulic Cylinder that you can use today.

DriveWorks – NESWUC Platinum partners

This year DriveWorks will be Platinum Sponsors of the NESWUC, click here to read more and see what will be happening at this years events.

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