Sales Configurator

An Introduction to the DriveWorks CPQ Template

DriveWorks configurator software enables businesses to set up a configurable 3D CPQ solution that engineering and sales teams can use. CPQ solutions are built on rules, workflow, user interface and integration. These are the core technologies that have underpinned DriveWorks since the software was first introduced to the SOLIDWORKS market in 2001. With our goal of ease of use, we’ve created a specific CPQ template, built on DriveWorks functionality, to make it easy for manufacturing companies to reap the benefits of guided selling and CPQ quickly.

Online CPQ from Sales to Manufacturing

Our new CPQ for Manufacturing demo site will give you a good idea of what you could accomplish using DriveWorks software.

Configure a Trailer with DriveWorks See how DriveWorks can be used to configure custom trailers. Having a DriveWorks Product Configurator means you can free up design engineers to work on innovative ideas by giving sales teams more power. A complete CPQ system from DriveWorks allows sales teams, distributors and even customers to design a product to their exact specification, without [...]
Create Impressive HTML Emails with DriveWorks Creating a good first impression is important, and that's why your product configurators need to be easy to use and professional. With DriveWorks you can have a powerful CPQ solution that is all of this and more. Impressing your customers doesn't stop there, with the new functionality to send HTML emails. HTML Emails That Wow Customers [...]
Using a DriveWorks Sales Configurator and 3D Printers to Create Custom Mobile Phone Cases Moogue use DriveWorks as a Sales Configurator to allow anyone to configure custom 3D printed phone cases. They are based in the Netherlands and create their customizable phone cases using a 3D printer. Using DriveWorks Pro as a Sales Configurator enables Moogue to offer custom designed phone cases online, to exact specifications. We spoke to [...]
DriveWorks 12 SP2- Or Should It Be Called DriveWorks 12 Plus?

DriveWorks 12 Service Pack 2 was released in November 2015 and we packed it full of handy new features and functions to help you with your Design Automation and Sales Configurator projects. Paul Gimbel, Business Process Sherpa at DriveWorks Reseller Razorleaf, has written a great article about our latest release and we just had to share it!

Harnessing the Power of 3D to Drive Sales

Mass customization, and more importantly mass personalization, are becoming more sought after in today’s market. We are seeing traditional businesses adapt and new businesses emerge. Discover how Moogue are using the power of 3D technology to help them drive sales of their personalized products.

Using DriveWorks Pro to Create Custom Glassware A Case Study of Pine Research Instrumentation are a talented group of chemists and engineers who develop custom laboratory set ups for customers, which often includes glassware and custom electrodes. They're the brains behind and they've been using DriveWorks Pro as an Online Sales Configurator to power it. Let's find out more... The [...]
DriveWorks – Online Product Configurator for Mobile, Desktop and Tablet Use DriveWorks on the go with an Online Product Configurator for mobile and tablet. Imagine you are a sales rep or distributor visiting a customer. They're telling you all of their product requirements and you're hurriedly scribbling down their specifications on a piece of paper. You have no idea if some of these complex design [...]
Why Use a Sales Configurator? How can an Online Sales Configurator help you to offer customized products profitably? Consumer choice has been increasing steadily, meaning customized products are sought after more and more. In some industries, customized products are expected, in fact they are even the norm. Customization is changing, ‘individualized personalization’ is within reach but it has proved hard [...]
DriveWorks as a Sales Configurator – Moogue Case Study

Moogue use DriveWorks as a Sales Configurator to allow anyone to configure custom 3D printed phone cases. Moogue are based in the Netherlands, they create customizable phone cases using a 3D printer. Using DriveWorks Pro as a Sales Configurator enables Moogue’s to offer custom designed phone cases online, to exact specifications. We spoke to Thijs Vernooij to find out more…

Heat and Sensor Technology Case Study Heat and Sensor Technology has been using DriveWorks Software for a while now, we caught up with the team to see how they've been using it. Heat and Sensor Technology is a premier manufacturer of industrial electric resistance heaters and sensors available primarily to the plastic injection industry. They have distributors across the USA and [...]
Your DriveWorks Sales Configurator and The Importance of Colour How important is color in your Sales Configurator? As more and more companies choose to interact with their customers online and websites become shop windows, it's increasingly important to think about user experience, especially for custom products. If you are using DriveWorks as an Online Sales Configurator - allowing your dealers and customers to view and fill out [...]
Embedding DriveWorks as a Configurator in your Website?

Check out the DriveWorks Live Integration Module. DriveWorks Pro is made up of different license types: DriveWorks Administrator, DriveWorks Autopilot and DriveWorks Live. Companies that want to integrate DriveWorks as a configurator in to an external website, can use the integration module functionality in DriveWorks Pro Live to do this. This webinar will show you how to use the integration functionality to pass values into a specification from the URL itself, or by embedding your DriveWorks forms using DriveWorks Live in a frame or iframe, on your existing website. We will cover how to start using the integration module to pass data to the specification through the URL as well as more advanced options such as how to Auto Login to your DriveWorks Group and even how to automatically start a specification. If you are taking your forms and putting them inside your own website then you will want to think about using the functionality of the integration module and the features it brings. This is a value add event for DriveWorks Customers with an active subscription support contract and all Authorized Value Added DriveWorks Resellers. You can register here Customers Resellers

DriveWorksXpress Head Start Webinar – Tuesday 7th January 2014

The DriveWorksXpress Head Start Webinar, hosted on the first Tuesday of every month takes you through the quick and easy steps involved in automating your design process with DriveWorksXpress in SolidWorks. You will learn… • How to capture the parameters you want to control • How to create a simple form to specify your products • How to build rules that link the form inputs to the captured parameters that control your designs You will see how you can start automating YOUR designs straight away. You can also visit our DriveWorksXpress YouTube channel to learn more today. There are two sessions to choose from Choose one of the sessions below  Click the link to view session times in YOUR own Time Zone  Tuesday January 7, 2014  Session 1 – Click Here to register Session 2 – Click Here to register

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