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P L Custom Body Inc. Automate the Configuration of Their Custom Ambulances Using DriveWorks Pro

P L Custom Body are a custom vehicle manufacturer that were founded in 1946 and are based in Manasquan, New Jersey. They’ve been using DriveWorks Pro to automate the configuration process of their custom ambulances. At DriveWorks World 2017, their Engineering Lead, Shawn Casebolt, took the stage to tell us more about how they use DriveWorks.

Students: Use Our Free Resources to Help You Gain a New SOLIDWORKS Skill

Students: we want you to succeed and we’ve provided all the resources you need to easily complete the DriveWorksXpress Training and Certification and gain this valuable new skill to take into industry.

“Design Automation is a Game Changer” – Steiner Technologies

Steiner Technologies explain how using DriveWorks alongside SOLIDWORKS has helped them to be faster, better and more cost-efficient.

How to Activate DriveWorksXpress in SOLIDWORKS How to Activate DriveWorksXpress To activate DriveWorksXpress inside SOLIDWORKS and start automating your designs, follow these quick and easy steps: Step 1 Open SOLIDWORKS Step 2 Go to Tools, Xpress Products, DriveWorksXpress Step 3 Click on the link for to get your free activation code for DriveWorksXpress. Step 4 Copy the DriveWorksXpress activation code. [...]
DriveWorks 12 SP2- Or Should It Be Called DriveWorks 12 Plus?

DriveWorks 12 Service Pack 2 was released in November 2015 and we packed it full of handy new features and functions to help you with your Design Automation and Sales Configurator projects. Paul Gimbel, Business Process Sherpa at DriveWorks Reseller Razorleaf, has written a great article about our latest release and we just had to share it!

SOLIDWORKS World 2015 – Design Automation Presentations If you're going to be at SOLIDWORKS World 2015, there are a number of Design Automation presentations you can attend. Along with presentations from DriveWorks ourselves, there are generic design automation presentations and specific DriveWorks presentations from DriveWorks Reseller Applications Engineers. The DriveWorks team will be at booth #324 in the Partner Pavilion. See you [...]
Integrating DriveWorks with PLM and The Cloud Glen Smith, DriveWorks CEO and technology evangelist, recently talked to Microsoft's OnWindows about how technology is improving collaboration in manufacturing. Glen was interviewed by Jacqui Griffiths for Prime magazine, along with Peter Schroer from Aras, Simon Floyd from Microsoft, Andy Kalambi from Dassault Systèmes and Paul Brown and Jen Larsson from Siemens. Jacqui has since written [...]
DriveWorksXpress Head Start Webinar – Tuesday 7th January 2014

The DriveWorksXpress Head Start Webinar, hosted on the first Tuesday of every month takes you through the quick and easy steps involved in automating your design process with DriveWorksXpress in SolidWorks. You will learn… • How to capture the parameters you want to control • How to create a simple form to specify your products • How to build rules that link the form inputs to the captured parameters that control your designs You will see how you can start automating YOUR designs straight away. You can also visit our DriveWorksXpress YouTube channel to learn more today. There are two sessions to choose from Choose one of the sessions below  Click the link to view session times in YOUR own Time Zone  Tuesday January 7, 2014  Session 1 – Click Here to register Session 2 – Click Here to register

DriveWorks Solo Head Start Webinar – January 8th

The DriveWorks Solo Head Start Webinar, takes place the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month. Are your designs the Same but Different? This Webinar takes you through the quick and easy steps involved in automating your design process with DriveWorks Solo.

3D Printing – What’s next?

Learn about the future of 3D printing.

Comparing DriveWorksXpress with SolidWorks Design tables

DriveWorksXpress is the free Design Automation tool included with every seat of SolidWorks and is a great way to save a little time every day. Automate repetitive design tasks. Re-use existing designs. Generate new SolidWorks parts and assemblies quickly and easily. You might be thinking that while this all sounds great, you have been using design tables in SolidWorks to save some time already. Well, here are 5 reasons FOR choosing DriveWorksXpress over design tables : File size – File Size – DriveWorksXpress creates new files, which keeps file size to a minimum. Ease of Use – Control Assemblies, sub assemblies and parts from one user interface without the need to open up each one to update its design table. Scalability & Share with Others –  DriveWorksXpress allow colleagues with SolidWorks to create Parts, Assemblies and Drawings too by filling out a simple form.  Others do not need to know how you set it up, or which Assemblies and/or parts to open up and modify to get the desired results Automated Drawings – Update drawings for parts and assemblies quickly and easily. Rules Driven – Use Rules to determine which calculation or value is required to drive a given parameter. Rules and calculations that affect multiple parts and assemblies are easily linked in the DriveWorksXpress rule editor The best part is that if you already have SolidWorks, then you already have DriveWorksXpress! You can find DriveWorksXpress inside SolidWorks here: Check out the DriveWorksXpress YouTube channel for How to Video Clips and you’ll soon be saving time! For more information visit or contact your local SolidWorks Reseller.

DriveWorks Live Month – Configure a Server Rack

This week we will be looking at the DriveWorks Live Rack Configurator example. This example yet again shows off some interesting ways of using DriveWorks Live including the ability to easily add new products, the flexibility of DriveWorks visualisation and the ability to up-sell on configurable items.

DriveWorks Live – Configure a Hydraulic Cylinder

Using DriveWorks to configure a Hydraulic Cylinder really shows off the versatility of DriveWorks Pro. With many thousands of people in the cylinder manufacturing industry, this example provides a look at how anyone can use DriveWorks to configure new products on any device and get a dynamically produced quote and 3d visualisation of the product. Feature 1 –  Powerful Rules engine With DriveWorks rules powering the forms, you can see that the form dynamically changes to present different options for different selections, ensuring that your customers always make the correct choices. Feature 2 – 3D on any device DriveWorks dynamically creates 3D visualisations of the product that your customer selects allowing them to see in full detail their product. Not at your computer? No problem. DriveWorks 3D visualisations can be viewed on iOS and Android tablet and mobile devices too. Feature 3 – Documents DriveWorks can also produce a whole host of different documents from eDrawings to Bills of Materials. DriveWorks Live can generate drawings and then deliver them in seconds. This process only takes a short amount of time and can greatly increase sales and engineering efficiency.

Bringing manufacturing home – New Design Techniques and the return of Local Manufacturing

Local manufacturing might be making a return find out more here…

Getting the Most out of Your Support Call Webinar – 12th September

Get the most our of your support call/email with DriveWorks.

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